2013 RT25 Indiana Winner and Top Performers

2013 RT25 Winner and Top Performers from the Indiana Region...

Competing to be recognized as one of the nation's best. ReceiverTech's RT25 Indiana region scores are in. Top performing receiver was Ohio's Lakota West HS, Tyler Jones. In addition, Tyler scored the first perfect 10 in the route running event. His standout performance placed Tyler in the top 3 of the RT25. In addition to Tyler's outstanding performance, Mathew Merimee ‘14 , Benedictine HS, Ohio performed his way onto the top 25 of the RT25 national standings. Michael Carr '14 of Liberty-Eylau HS, TX stands in the #1 spot of the RT25 National leader board.

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Congratulations RT25 Indiana Region winner Lakota West's High Schools, Tyler Jones, because of your performance you will be receiving a pair of wireless Beats by Dr. Dre and Lakota West High School, Ohio, will receive a $300.00 donation. RT wants to thank our sponsors hhgregg, Inn at Schofield Barracks, Wilson Sporting Goods, NCSA and DeuceBrand for their support.

RT25 Indiana Region Top Performers

1. Tyler Jones '14, Lakota West High School, Ohio
2. Mathew Merimee '14, Benedictine High School, Ohio
3. Demetrius Morrow '14, St Joseph High School, Il.
4. Darrell Chester '14, Lawrence Central High School, In.
5. Greg Crump '15, Chicago Bulls College Prep, Il.
6. Jordan Lay '15, Munster High School, In.
7. Liam McGuire '17, Lawrence Central High School, In.
8. Colton Whited '15, Hudson High School, Ohio
9. Bryan Rutland '16, Lawrence Central High School, In.

RT25 National Standings As of 6/9 (8) Regional results are in.

1. Michael Carr '14 Liberty-Eylau High School, TX
2. Ray Cortez '14 Central Catholic HS, TX
3. Tyler Jones '14 Lakota West, OH
4. Roderick Proctor '14 Dr. Phillip HS, Fla
5. Colby Boggs '14 Southside Christian HS, SC
6. Tony Brown '15 Servite HS, CA
7. Mac Richards '15 Alta HS, UT
8. Trevill Holcy '15 St. Cloud HS, Fla.
9. Logan Crouse '14 Bloomingdale HS, Fla.
10. Kash Knutson ‘ 14 Reagan HS, TX
11. Jalen Martin '14 Cedar Ridge HS, TX
12. Conner Hill '15 Mission Viejo HS, CA.
13. Cole Forsgren '14 Williams Field HS, AZ
14. Joey Anderson '15 American Fork HS, UT
15. Kelly Cordova '14 Centennial HS, TX
16. Tay Jenkins ‘15 South Ridge HS, SC
17. Anthony Oseguera '15 Horizon Christian Academy, CA
18. Bryce Reeves'14 Graham HS, TX
19. Jake Russell '15 San Clemente HS, CA.
20. Ryan Black ‘ 14 Weddington High School
21. Marc Ellis '14 Granite Bay HS, Ca
22. Johnny Delahoussaey '14 Albrows HS NC
23. John Riley Mclaughlin Alcoa High School Alcoa, TN
24. AJ Frank '14 Timpview HS, UT
T25.Demetri Weekes '14 Buchholz HS, Fla.
T25.Mathew Merimee '14 Benedictine HS,OH

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