Rubio Long Snapping Top 12- Day Three

Recapping Day Three of the Rubio Long Snapping Top 12...

The best of the best Long Snappers in the country came to Los Angeles, CA for the annual Rubio Long Snapping TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE Camp! The three day event featured instruction, evaluation and top snappers competing against one another for 72 hours straight!

Long Snappers came in Los Angeles from TX, NC, AZ, CA, MS, AR, KS, OH, IL, IN, WA, GA, MN, WI and VA to compete against one another and learn from the best. The first day of camp was used to halt the butterflies and knock off the rust from a long travel day for many of the athletes. The second daywas all about letting the Long Snappers show their skill while perfecting their blocking and snapping under pressure. The third day was all about competition, filming and camaraderie.

At this camp there are several Long Snappers already with full ride offers. Tanner Carew has committed to Oregon, Blake Ferguson has been offered a scholarship to LSU and Liam McCullough has picked up two offers this week: one from Michigan St and one from Wisconsin.

The overall winner of the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE camp was Liam McCullough! Liam was challenged by Kyle Murphy in the finals but Liam outlasted Kyle in a great battle. Liam caught a groove on Saturday and simply never let it go. He was extremely smooth and dominant on Sunday. The Target was his friend and the ball's home was the 3 point slot. This camp, which is definitely one of my favorites since you get to see the personalities of the Long Snappers over the weekend, did not disappoint. The overall talent was absurd. From top to bottom, the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE Long Snappers left no doubt they were the best in the country. They snapped with confidence as their slowest timed snap of the weekend is a very good .81 with a fastest at a .59. This group should go down in the books as one of the more accurate and consistent groups of Long Snappers to tackle this camp. Great snappers, excellent people and solid personalities made it a great weekend.

Some Long Snappers that just continuously stood out during the weekend were….

Tanner Carew – Beyond smooth and athletic. His ball just jumps back at you, yet it still hits your hands smoothly. Tremendous attitude.
Alan Lucy – Excellent speed, accuracy and just keeps improving. Easily the best available Long Snapper in the country and should pick up an offer in the very near future. He absolutely rips the ball back there.
Wyatt Tucker Smith – Is built like a D1 Long Snapper, he snaps like a D1 Long Snapper and will be a D1 Long Snapper. He has all the tools and should have an offer quickly.
Blake Ferguson – Already with one offer in hand, I wouldn't be surprised to see many more by the time he is ready to sign. Built extremely well and is overflowing with confidence when he is snapping. He could snap a ball in college right now…easily.
Davis Winkie – Massive man that looked very solid all weekend. He is really smoothing his snap out and fine-tuning his form. When he is on, he is the best in the country…and he is very close to always being on.
Wyatt Pfeifer – Big frame and was really using it all weekend. Snapping hard and with a ton of confidence.
Casey Wilson – Easily the smoothest Long Snapper in the country. He has really improved his blocking and it is paying off. Great overall Long Snapper.
Joel Baldwin – Flat out impressive all weekend. Not very boisterous but doesn't need to be. He lets his snapping do his talking for him. Body is improving by the minute and he is snapping the ball well.
Seth Combs – Snapped hard all weekend and let his great form do all the work. Tremendous improvement and I don't see him stopping. Keep a very close eye on him.
Nate Adams – Built like a college linebacker. Snaps a very, very accurate and consistent ball. Form has improved tremendously and he is close as possible to being "there." Moves extremely well on his feet.
CJ Keller – He has an extremely tight spiral and might be the most consistent Long Snapper in the country. He is like a pitching machine when he snaps…they are all exactly the same. The more athletic he gets, the more offers he will pick up.

Next stop for Rubio Long Snapping is the Underclassmen Invite Event next weekend in CA where the top 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 Long Snappers will embark to compete.

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