Rubio Long Snapping NY Nike Fall Camp Recap

Recapping the Rubio Long Snapping NY Nike Fall Camp...

Long Snappers came out to NY to attend the Nike NY Fall Camp on October 13th  from NY, PA, MA NJ, CT, OH, MD and Canada to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field, had a film and classroom session, a recruiting seminar and ended the day with a competition with Rubio present and running the camp. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

There were many new Long Snappers as Rubio Long Snapping begins its assault on the northeast. One Long Snapper, Matthew Oliveira of NJ, caught a late groove and was phenomenal under pressure was crowned the champion of the camp and earned a free admission to the 12th Annual National Snapping Event in Las Vegas! He has great size and the ability to easily snap a ball in the D1 speed range. Tons of potential on Oliveira.

Oliveira, Matthew

Matthew Oliveira

Oliveira was not the only Long Snapper to shine out in NY. These others did well as well….


Golub, Aaron

Aaron Golub

·         Aaron Golub continues to impress me with his drive, attitude and snapping. When you watch film on what he started at to what he has become, it is almost shocking. The more consistency he gets, the better he will be. Tremendous human being.

·         Jonathan Timmons showed a ton of pop on his ball and a good amount of potential. Easily snaps in the .7s and has the ability to dip even lower when his lower half is fully involved. Great attitude.


Cadavieco, Marco

Marco Cadavieco

·         Marco Cadavieco was very smooth all day. He is getting bigger and he is using his size to get more speed on the ball. He is extremely accurate and consistent. Great person and snapper.

·         Chaska Moon showed a ton of promise out in NY. Solid Long Snapper that shows waves of brilliance. Consistency will be huge for him. I want great snaps every time from him and I know he can do it.

·         Carson Vey was a newcomer to Rubio Long Snapper and immediately let his presence known. He has D1 size right now and the ability to snap a college ball…at times. Once he fine tunes his form to allow his long legs to get fully involved, he will dominate. Vegas could be huge for him.

·         Matt Keller out of PA was very impressive to me in NY. He has very quick hands and a smooth snap. Legs will be huge for him in getting his overall speed consistently in the high .6s and low .7s. Very solid Long Snapper.


Walker, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Walker

·         Nathaniel Walker continues to impress me with his size, strength and how he handles pressure. It is almost shocking he is only a freshman!


·         Ryan Walker is the little brother of Nathaniel but might not be in his shadow for too much longer. Already has great form and can snap a great ball. Lots of potential.

·         Carson Tebbetts was very impressive in how he handled pressure.

Walker, Ryan

Ryan Walker

Other notables….Connor Atkins, Michael Blond, Hunter Drzik, Tristan Epley and Austin Sullivan

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping camps will be in TX on November 10, followed by Illinois on November 24, Georgia on December 7, North Carolina on December 8th and back to California on January 12. All camps lead up the biggest Long Snapping event of the year, the 12th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event in Las Vegas on January 18-19, 2014!


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