Rubio Long Snapping CA Nike Fall Camp Recap

Recapping the Rubio Long Snapping CA Nike Fall Camp...

Long Snappers came out to CA to attend the Nike CA Fall Camp on October 6t  from CA, AZ, UT and NV to get the best instruction andexposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field, had a film and classroom session, a recruiting seminar and ended the day with a competition with Rubio present and running the camp. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

The overall talent level of the Long Snappers in attendance was very high with many returners coming out to dominate. One returner, who is also a member of the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE, Garrett Frum, was crowned the champion of the camp and earned a free admission to the 12th Annual National Snapping Event in Las Vegas! He was very solid all day, had great composure when things started to really heat up and showed incredible accuracy all day long.

Garrett Frum was the champion of the Nike Fall Camp in CA!

Garrett Frum was the champion of the Nike Fall Camp in CA!

Some other top Long Snappers at the camp were….

Class of 2014

·         Tanner Carew

Tanner Carew

Tanner Carew was just a smooth monster all day long. Makes it (snapping a D1 ball) look effortless. Moves extremely well on his feet. This Oregon commit is ready for prime time.

·         Josh Elias is looking to transfer from University of Arizona and showed me he can easily step up to another school RIGHT NOW. He has definitely put on some good weight and snaps a very crisp and precise ball. He is able to leave immediately for another school.

·         Chris Nieto continues to just impress me with his poise and his potential. Seems to keep growing with his frame and his snapping. Said it once and I will say it again, he will be as good as he wants to be.

·         Collin Duffy showed me great improvement with his confidence and his strength. He was really snapping the ball hard all day long.

·         Justin Garza might be the most intense Long Snapper in his class. Speed wise, he EASILY snaps a D1 level ball. It is an absolute rocket. The more fine tuned he gets, the better he will be.

·         Connor Kelsey is someone to really keep an eye on. Little under the radar but he is VERY solid with his accuracy and consistency. Smooth Long Snapper.

·         Wesley Bertoni is a JC Long Snapper that is really ripping the ball back to the punter. Beginning to snap with much more confidence and it is paying off.

·         Nicholas Avantino continues to improve. He is very strong and has come a long, long way. Amazing come around for Nicholas.

·         Niko Walsh is a JC Long Snapper that has really improved his body and strength. Always had incredible smoothness and accuracy, now, with the new strength, he is gaining some speed.

·         Gunnar Skidmore really caught me eye this past summer and just continues to impress me. Solid in frame and with his snapping.

·         Giovanni Gentossi is built like a horse and uses all of his strength with each snap.

Class of 2015

·         AJ Carty

AJ Carty

AJ Carty was, by far, the best in his class and, seriously, could have challenged for best at the camp. He was on fire all day. Moving better on his feet and throwing rockets back to the punter. He is basically ready for the next level…NOW!

·         Matt Foley just keeps on improving and impressing me. Love his attitude and the way he snaps the ball. Very fluid in his motions. Great kid.

·         Ryan Simmons might be the most consistent Long Snapper in his class. Every snap is exactly the same. The more speed he gets, the better he will be.

·         Wesley Farnsworth is coming to be one of the top Long Snappers in his class. Tremendous frame and dripping with potential.

·         Peter Comarato did well all day. He is snapping the ball with good force and has done a great job transforming his body.

Class of 2016

·         John Aloma

John Aloma

John Aloma was a flat out stud all day long. He is snapping the ball very hard and has a nice, tight spiral on it. The more he puts on his frame and shows me he can stop the big guys, the higher he will go in the rankings.

·         Damon Johnson was VERY impressive out in CA. He has grown a good amount and is snapping the ball with great force. Easily hit in the .7s throughout the day. Showing a lot of confidence. Excellent day for Damon.

·         Logan Krause showed some great promise out in CA. Form is coming along nicely and he is very, very accurate.

·         Koby Walsh is coming back nicely from some time off. His body is firming up well and he is snapping with some excellent form. Definitely back on the right track.

·         Johnny Den Bleyker might be the most athletic Long Snapper in his class. He has the ability to snap a D1 speed ball at times and then fly down the field to get the returner. Built well.

·         Connor Kirkegaard showed some MAJOR waves of brilliance out in CA. This kid can flat out rip the ball back to the punter. The more consistency he gets, the more players he will jump. Watch him.

·         Ian Lauvai was impressive out in CA. He is built well and snaps nice, quick ball that jumps at you.

Class of 2017

·         Joseph Ramos

Joseph Ramos

Joseph Ramos came out from AZ and looked sharp for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Good form, nice attitude and solid spiral.

·         Austin Roberts is a big man and uses his strength very well. Tons of upside for him.

·         Caleb Lawver shows solid form and a good attitude.

Other notables….Kyle Petrucci, Tyler Fagan, David Rowden, Sam Vea, Matt Lawer, Tyler Moore, Harrison Hoffman, Jules Stahler, Grant Gluhaich and Jordan Ober.

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping camps will be in NY on October 13, followed by Texas on November 10, Illinois on November 24, Georgia on December 7, North Carolina on December 8th and back to California on January 12. All camps lead up the biggest Long Snapping event of the year, the 12th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Event in Las Vegas on January 18-19, 2014!


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