Sullivan Pulls In First Offer

Drew Sullivan talks about his first scholarship offer, and two more Pac-12 schools hot on his trail.

With 2014 National Signing Day upon us, the California coaching staff is spending the time not only securing their signees-to-be, but also occupying themselves with their 2015 board, and the next man up for offensive line coach Zach Yenser is Concord (Calif.) De La Salle guard Drew Sullivan.

"I got my offer today, right after school," said Sullivan, who pulled down his first Division I scholarship offer from the Bears. "My coach pulled me in and let me know that they were going to offer me, so that was pretty cool."

The offer carries special significance for Sullivan, who grew up rooting for the Bears.

"We've always been Cal fans," Sullivan said. "I'm in Walnut Creek, five minutes from De La, so we're right there. It's always been my first team. That's pretty cool."

Sullivan was quite tickled with the offer, even though it came by way of one of his coaches and not from Yenser himself. But, then again, he never had any illusions about his first offer.

"Our coach isn't the most jump-around guy; he's more of a mellow guy, so it was pretty funny," Sullivan said. "He just kind of told me, and we were laughing. It was a good moment."

The 6-foot-3, 315-pounder has a big, broad frame that's unusual for the type of offensive lineman that the Spartans normally employ, but it certainly worked well for him, as he helped plow the way for 5,277 rushing yards on the season.

Asked to describe his playing style, Sullivan falls silent.

"Jeez, I mean, I don't know, I'm not really sure to be honest," he chuckled, nervously. "I think I'm a team player, I guess. I like to work with the guys, do whatever we need to do to win. I just want to win."

While Cal is the first school to offer, Sullivan has been talking with several other Pac-12 schools.

"I've been talking with Oregon, because Mr. Aliotti, he's brothers with Nick, who's the defensive coordinator there," Sullivan said of De La Salle Dean of Students Joe Aliotti. "I keep in touch with them. They like how I play line and they like my shoulders. They like my film, too, so that's always good. I talk with Arizona too, but I don't really have a feel on where they're at, quite yet. It's still early."

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