ReceiverTech NorCal Region Top Performers

ReceiverTech RT25 NorCal Region Top Performers Announced...

Congratulations Christopher Taylor Yamanoha of Rancho Cotate High School for his winning performance at the ReceiverTech RT25 Receiver Competition NorCal region.

Luther Burbank High School played host to Northern California's RT25 Receiver Competition this past Saturday. Some of the regions premiere receivers competed with their peers in a series of speed, route, agility and catching events with a goal to be named one of the nation's RT25.

Marc Ellis, '14 Granite Bay High School was the top performer in the NorCal region last year and this year's top performer goes to Chris Taylor Yamanoha, '16 Rancho Cotate High School.

Yamanoha improved on his 2013 NorCal second place finish exhibiting great hands and disciplined routes.

For his performance, Rancho Cotate High School will receive a $250.00 donation from our Sponsors, hhGregg, Wilson Sporting Goods and DeuceBrand.

The RT25 heads to Charlotte, North Carolina April 5. On deck, Dallas, Texas, April 19.

2014 RT25 NorCal Top 10 Performers

  • 1.       Christopher T Yamanoha '16 Rancho Cotate High School

  • 2.       Kevin Kassis '16 Oak Ridge High School

  • 3.       Hunter Mootz '15 Chico High School

  • 4.       Beau Bisharat '16 Jesuit High School

  • 5.       Miles Fishback '15 Chico High School

  • 6.       Joey Trono Rancho ‘15 Cotate High School

  • 7.       Jalen Roman '15 Windsor High School

  • 8.       Andrew Lackowski ‘15 Oak Ridge High School

  • 9.       Domonique Rose '15 King City High School

  • 10.   Kyle Torres '15 McNary High School, Or.

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