NFTC/ELITE 11: Petlansky Talks Recruiting

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Petlansky starting to see more attention, talks Elite 11 performance, plus VIDEO from the weekend.

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Hunter Petlansky is just getting started on the wild road of recruiting, but he was certainly one of the more impressive physical specimens this weekned at the Elite 11 regional try-out and NFTC at Chabot College.

The 2016 Modesto (Calif.) Central Catholic quarterback scored a 106.38 in the SPARQ testing, and got stronger as Friday's Elite 11 competition went on, showing good touch and arm strength on deep corner routes.

"You always can throw better, but I thought I performed pretty well," Petlansky said. "I definitely got a lot more comfortable at the end, but I just started off a little bit intimidated by all of it. It was very new. I'd never been to one."

Deep balls were a strength for the 6-foot-3 Petlansky, who was able to really use his powerful lower half as he loosened up. "I just got more comfortable, just saw some kids out there who I'd seen at other camps, started competing with them and comparing how I was doing to how they were doing," Petlansky said.

California has shown early interest, and Petlansky has already paid a visit to Berkeley, but other schools have started to poke around.

"We've had a few schools out at some of our practices. We had Fresno State and San Jose State come by, Portland State – those are the bigger ones that I can remember," Petlansky said. "Boise State said they were going to come by, and my coach mentioned that, because we had a kid go to Oregon one or two years ago, that they were going to stop by."

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