Shelton-Mosley Breaks Down His Top 10

Justice Shelton-Mosley is quite the fisherman, and quite the academic, posting a 4.14 GPA this past year. Both of those pursuits loom large in his top 10, which he details in-depth with

Justice Shelton-Mosley loves fishing. Whether it's on the Sacramento River, in the Delta, or Rancho Murieta, private lakes, there's hardly anything the three-star cornerback loves more than fishing. He'd do it every day if he could, he says.

"I go with my dad, friends, anybody that's trying to fish, I'll roll with them," said the Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian star.

Not a few months ago, the 6-foot, 180-pounder was doing another kind of fishing – for scholarship offers. Now, he has more than he knows what to do with, so on Monday, he cut his suitors down to a top 10. On Tuesday, Shelton-Mosley spoke with to explain why each of those schools made the list, and, yes, fishing plays a big part.

There is certainly no question that Shelton-Mosley is academically inclined, what with his 4.14 GPA this past year and his school choices.

"It was tough, but I finished with all A's," Shelton-Mosley said. "I took AP English Composition, and next year, I've got Spanish 4, Marine Biology, AP English [Literature] and AP Calculus."

So, without further ado, here are his top 10, and what he likes about each school:

Duke: "It's the No. 7 school in the country for academics. Duke has a great tradition, with alumni and how long it's been around. It's a Catholic school, which is most important. And, the season they had last season, it was a really good, turnaround season. I like what they're doing with the program, the facilities and all that, so that's a really big attraction there, and it's in North Carolina, and there's a lot of good fishing there. The fishing in North Carolina, the bass fishing, it's crazy."

"I like that small-school feel. It really focuses on you. You don't get lost in the shuffle. It's kind of like the school I go to now. I call it the bigger Capital Christian. And, going to Duke [basketball] games and watching Mike Krzyzewski, there's nothing like it."

Northwestern: "They've really shown a big interest in me and made me a main target. The city of Chicago, there's not many cities in the world like that. There's a lot of job opportunities for the future, they've got Lake Michigan there, and there's some good fishing there. They're doing a lot with the program and the facilities. The internships are crazy, and I really enjoyed the school president. The president they have for the whole school is a true football fan. He's a fanatic for football. He's at every game, stands on the sideline, yells at the refs. He's a really cool president.

Boston College: "They actually don't recruit Northern California, and coach [Kevin] Lempa, he made the trip to Sacramento to come see me, just for me. They're not recruiting anybody else in Northern California, so that first caught my eye, and just Boston, there's so much history in Boston, the Boston Tea Party – all that kind of stuff. It's also one of those top three cities in the United States, and you've got a lot of tourists, a lot of culture and that's also attractive to me."

HARVARD: "It's in Boston, too, and, I mean, it's Harvard. Every time a family member talks about Harvard, it's something every little kid dreams of. When you go to class, first grade, second grade, where do you want to go to school? You go, ‘I want to be a fireman, I want to be a lawyer, I want to go to Harvard.' It's an amazing option. Not only are they academically untouchable, but their football program is really good."

CALIFORNIA: "Cal, when that offer came, it's probably one of my best offers, to tell you the truth. It's close to home, great academics, great football, amazing tradition and the fan support is crazy. There's not much I can say bad about the University of California, and it's been a school that I've always wanted to go to since freshman year, and I've always put Cal up there. With [Capital Christian alum] Spencer [Hagan] going there, too, walking into that athletic office, and having his picture there, I said a couple times that I would go play there, and the fact that I have that option is amazing, and a true blessing."

Colorado: "What they're doing with their program has really attracted me: The facilities, and they also have really good academics, and the environment, the state of Colorado, it's a beautiful place. It's somewhere I can live after I get done with college, and I've always thought of living in Colorado, find me a place -- it's not that expensive -- with a lake in the backyard, or a river. That's what I like about Colorado, the fishing part, too."

UC DAVIS: "It was my first offer. It's super close to home, pretty good academics, got the [former] Cal coaching staff over there, most of them, and they're doing a lot with the program, too. With them being my first offer, and only offer, for a while, it made a huge impact on me. That's where my mom went, too, so she wanted me to keep them in the loop. I always have to respect what my mom says."

COLUMBIA: "Middle of Manhattan, New York, they're the No. 4 school in the country, academic-wise, by U.S. News, and it's an amazing school. It's like Harvard. It's in Manhattan, one of the biggest cities, and I don't know why, but I've always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I've wanted to go to Ellis Island since I saw the movie Hitch -- my favorite movie – and I've always wanted to take a date there, so Columbia, I'd have a chance to go there numerous times, live in Manhattan. So much you can do in Manhattan – watching the ball drop from maybe my apartment building or something – so Columbia is a school that always caught my interest."

Vanderbilt: "[Former Capital Christian teammate] Nifae [Lealao] is there, so that attracted me, going to play with him again. It's a great academic institution. It's Harvard of the South, and it's in Memphis – another great networking city where you can work and live after. Tennessee fishing is amazing, too. Tennessee bass fishing, they have a whole lot of bass fishing down there. They play in the SEC, which is the step below playing in the NFL, to most people. Being a West Coast guy, I think the Pac-12's better, but the SEC, it's great. It's a great academic school, offers a lot with internships, too, and I really like their coaching staff, and how I interacted with one of the coaches who came out here."

Stanford: "Stanford's like Cal. It's a school that I've always taken interest in. Great academics. Probably the Duke of the West Coat. It's an amazing school. They're good in all sports, too. That's what I forgot to mention about most of these schools, like Duke, Harvard – Harvard's lacrosse team – Colorado's teams, Vandy's baseball team, Stanford's teams, they're good in other sports, and that's what really attracts me to most of these schools. After football season's over, I want to go watch basketball games – packed basketball games. Going to Stanford and watching all of those games – swimming, gymnastics – there's so much to do, and it's close to home and offers great academics."

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