CAMP: Petlansky Gets Up Close and Personal

BERKELEY -- Hunter Petlansky shows off his mobility in this exclusive video of his camp performance, and talks about the experience of working out with Cal OC Tony Franklin.

BERKELEY -- 2016 Modesto (Calif.) Central Catholic quarterback Hunter Petlansky is still a work-in-progress, but the tools are most certainly there, as he showed this weekend at California's three-day full-contact camp.

The signal-caller started out rough on Friday, in part thanks to errant snaps and learning parts of the Bear Raid offense, which his prospect team ran. Saturday, though, saw Petlansky throw four touchdown passes in full-contact work and seven-on-seven sessions, including a game-winner against a stocked Bears prospect team featuring defenders Nigel Center, Rodney Washington, Darius Powe and Kori Collons.

"They scored to go up with two minutes left, and then we got the ball and the pocket broke down," Petlansky said. "I was able to roll out and found a receiver open deep, so I hit him and we ended up scoring with two minutes left."

Rolling out is one of the things Petlansky quite well, but what he does best is running. At 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, he's a load to tackle, and doesn't go down easily, and while that made some touch tackles during full-contact seem to short-change the yardage he would have gotten were he in a true game situation, there's no doubt that he's a superior athlete.

That's one of the reasons why Bears offensive coordinator Tony Franklin took Petlansky aside to work with him, personally, on Saturday, after helping direct him during offensive drives with his team. "He came over and he was calling plays for us while we were on offense," Petlansky said. "He helped me. They run some things that are different with their feet, and just what reads he thought I should be making, and just stuff like that."

What kind of feedback did he get?

"I thought he really liked the way we performed after the changes were made," Petlansky said. "It's always hard to adjust in one weekend, to any system, but I thought we did a pretty good job."

After the scrimmage, the individual work began with Petlansky and Santa Rosa (Calif.) Maria Carrillo receiver Alex Netherda.

"After the scrimmage, I actually got a chance to work out with him and one other quarterback and a few receivers," Petlansky said. "He had us throw some routes, and just go over the footwork he wanted for each route, where he wanted each ball placed, what coverage you'd be throwing that ball against."

This was the second time this camp season that Petlansky has been worked out by one of his suitors, after Fresno State took a crack at him earlier this month.

"I went out to the Fresno State camp, and I had a great time out there," Petlansky said. "I talked to the coach a lot, got some information, and I thought he really liked me. That's probably the biggest new [school].

"Coach [Dave] Schramm, I thought he was a great coach. He's very interactive. He told us where he wanted each ball placed, against what coverage, because every team wants their offense run differently."

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