Kenion 7on: Early Leader for Bisharat?

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- One of the top running backs in the 2016 class talked about his recent trip to USC, as well as other schools in the Mountain West, Pac-12 and SEC that have tickled him so far this recruiting cycle.

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- It’s perhaps a bit early to say that four-star 2016 running back Beau Bisharat has a leader, but judging by his choice of headwear at the Kenion Training 7-on-7 Kickoff event on Sunday at Dougherty Valley High School, and his comments on recruiting, there may just be a cardinal and gold tint to his future.

“I just got back from USC a little bit ago, last weekend, and I liked it down there, a lot,” said Bisharat, who sported a tan Trojans cap to the event. “It’s an amazing opportunity. The academic support you get there is just off the charts, and obviously, athletics is the same way. You can’t really go wrong with USC.”

What stuck out about his visit to Steve Sarkisian down south?

“I liked coach Sark a lot,” he said. “He’s a good guy. He takes care of all his players, for sure. The facilities are off the charts. You can’t beat them. Everything was just off the charts. There’s nothing you can do to beat it.”

Following that junior day visit to USC, Bisharat has plans to visit LSU for the Tigers’ junior day on Feb. 21.

“A lot of schools schedule on the same day, so it’s hard to get to everybody,” said Bisharat, who already has eight offers, including Arizona State, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Washington and Washington State. “I’m going to head out to LSU on the 21st of February. I don’t really know what to expect, because I’ve never been out that way, ever, so I’m excited to just see how it is, out there.”

Of the offers he currently has, the Sun Devils and recent offer Boise State tickle Bisharat the most, as do the Huskies and the Bears.

“I like all of them; I’m just trying to take my time and kind of figure it out,” said Bisharat, who already has a connection up in Boise. “I love Boise State. They’ve got Thomas Sperbek up there, who went to my school at Jesuit.”

Bisharat has visited USC, Cal and Boise State, so far.

“Cal is awesome,” Bisharat said. “It’s pretty close to my house. It’s an hour and a half away from my house, and that’s a little close for me, but I would never let that cloud my decision. I would never let that weigh too much, because I know my parents would give me space if I wanted space.”

Bisharat earned NFTC running back MVP honors at the camp in Oakland last year and after running for over 1,300 yards, scoring 25 touchdowns and averaging 10.1 yards per carry as a junior, Bisharat rushed for 1,651 yards as a junior, averaging 10.7 yards per carry and scoring 23 touchdowns. In eight of 12 games, he rushed for over 100 yards.

“I want to just focus on high school this year, and get around 2,500 yards, that’s my goal,” Bisharat said. “I want to just get through high school and then worry about the college scene after that.”

Bisharat would prefer to make his decision later rather than sooner, but that’s not set in stone.

“It’s whenever it feels right, mostly, for me,” Bisharat said. “I’m not worried about making a decision early, late, middle. It’s whenever for me.”

The schools coming after Bisharat hard, he said, are Washington, USC (“USC’s supposed to offer me, but coach Sark wants to get to know me a little bit better,” he said), Arizona State and LSU.

“There’s a lot in the mix, for sure,” Bisharat said. “[I’m looking for] somewhere to get a good education. The NFL is such a far shot for everybody. Everything has to go right. I’ve got a lot of stuff stacked against me, so I’m looking for a good education, and to play college ball.”

Academically, Bisharat has a 3.8 GPA.

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