Camilo Eifler Names Top Six

Four-star linebacker Camilo Eifler released his top six on Friday, and no surprise, Cal, UCLA and Washington made the list, with late comers Oregon and Texas A&M also on the list, and "intriguing" Michigan.

Four-star Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O’Dowd outside linebacker Camilo Eifler released his top six on Friday evening, following the last final of his junior year, and told that he’s “pretty confident” that this will indeed be the final six. No other schools, he said, will get into the mix, though Stanford and USC have tried.

”There’s no other schools out there that are going to jump in there,” he said.

So, without further ado, here are his top six: California, Oregon, Michigan, Texas A&M, UCLA and Washington. Eifler spoke with about each of his top six.

California: “It’s my connection with them. They were the first school to really recruit me, and see me develop as a player. I’m really comfortable with the coaching staff, and the players. It really feels like a family, and a home. Also, I know the campus. I know the school. That could be an asset for when I come in as a freshman, and already know what places are, where the libraries are, and all that stuff. That was key. And, I think I can get some time as a freshman, playing linebacker under coach and coach [Art] Kaufman. They’re really looking to play me, and I’m looking forward to maybe being coached up by Hardy [Nickerson, Jr.], if he’s still there, and other veteran guys.”

UCLA: “They’ve also recruited me pretty long. They started recruiting me towards the middle of my football season, and they’ve been constantly hitting me up. Actually, way back, freshman year, I went to a USA Football camp, and the now-linebackers coach – Scott White – he was a USA linebackers coach, at the time. He goes way, way back, so I’m glad to see that he’s now the coach. He actually came to my school today, and talked to me about UCLA. They’re a program on the rise, and they brought in a good recruiting class, so I know they’re looking to have another great season. With a few linebackers leaving in the next couple years, there will be the chance to play, especially at outside linebacker.”

Michigan: “Jim Harbaugh, it’s really intriguing to see how he’s going to switch over. I mean, he’s going back home, really, but I want to see how he’s going to translate that winning attitude to college football, and when I went out there for my visit, it really opened my eyes to what Ann Arbor has to offer. Even though it’s far, I feel like that would be one of the few schools I would go to. They [Cal and Michigan] both have great academics and great football, and Michigan says they have the No. 1 public school, but I know that’s not true. We all know it’s Cal. They tried to push that in there, but me and my dad [a librarian at Cal] were like, ‘Nahhhh. No.’ But, I got a great vibe from the [Michigan] coaching staff, coach [D.J.] Durkin, coach Jay Harbaugh, all of them. I got a chance to hang out with the players. It was a great time.”

Texas A&M (Eifler’s most recent offer, coming Thursday): “I know that they’ve won four straight bowl games, and coming from the SEC, that’s hard to have winning seasons like that, back to back to back to back. Coach [Kevin] Sumlin, he’s bringing that program to new heights, and I’m intrigued. Just watching how the players act as a family, they’re really as close as brothers, and the coaching staff looks after them, too. That’s what really got me interested in Texas A&M. Their linebackers, they were talking to me about how they need some athletic guys that can play the weak side, or drop back in space.”

Washington: “Washington has always recruited me pretty hard, and coach [Chris] Petersen, he recruited me before he was at Washington. The players, I’d say they’re up there with Cal, with how close they are. If I came in as a freshman, I’d be a part of a brotherhood. Washington’s another program on the rise, and I feel like, talking to coach Petersen and coach [Bob] Gregory, they’ll be a good program in the Pac-12. Playing as a freshman, I feel like I could help deliver at the outside linebacker position.”

Oregon: “Oregon was the second college camp I went to. The first one was Cal. I was really looking to hear from Oregon for a while, and didn’t hear from them until a couple weeks ago. I thought I was off their radar, but coach [Don] Pellum, I just got a great vibe with him, and I can see him coaching me every day. He pulled me aside, helped me out. That’s the reason why I like Oregon. Also, they win a lot of games. They’re competitive, and academically, they offer a good sports marketing program, and it’s an elite school, with elite football. I’m just excited to get recruited by them. I feel like, the outside linebacker position, it showed in the Ohio State game, that they need some help there. I feel like I can help at the outside linebacker position.”

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