Quarterback Ben Wooldridge is making strides after first season at Foothill helm, talks Cal, Junior Days

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Ben Wooldridge talks about the latest in his recruitment at Passing Down 7on7 on Sunday.

HAYWARD, Calif. -- It's been nine months since we last saw 2018 Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill, and since then, he's taken over as the starter for the Falcons, from Wake Forest-bound Kyle Kearns, guiding Foothill to a 12-1 record on the season.

"I think I've been working with Will [Hewlett] a lot, and we've worked on feet, mostly," Wooldridge said. "We're getting everything coordinated and on-point. We went undefeated and lost to De La [Salle] in the playoffs, and I think I did well -- I had over 2,000 yards throwing, and 20 TDs."

While he still has a slim frame, at 6-foot-3, 175 pounds, he's hoping to get up to 185 pounds before the season, and he has very good arm talent.

"By the time spring ball starts, I want to be at least 185," said Wooldridge, who watched the NFL Scouting Combine, and saw how much the slim-framed Jared Goff was scrutinized, and internalized that debate. "Yeah, I thought about that a little bit."

Wooldridge is still a work in progress, because he's still very much all knees and elbows, but he has a compact motion for someone who's so long at such a young age, and working with Hewlett -- who's worked with multiple Division I quarterbacks over the years -- keeps his footwork sound and smooth.

There's a lot of upside to Wooldridge as a pocket passer, and since he just completed his sophomore season, there's a lot of time for him to put everything together. 

but he's already starting to hear from college programs. He's received letters from Washington, has been speaking with Washington State "a little bit," he said, and he was speaking with Burl Toler while he was still at California, but Toler recently took the receivers coach job at Fresno State. He has talked to Toler once since he was hired by the Bulldogs, and there is definitely interest.

Wooldridge will head up to visit the Cougars for their Junior Day.

While Cal is still a player for Wooldridge, he hasn't touched base with them in some time. That hasn't stopped his parents from chiming in, though.

Wooldridge took the field on Sunday in a grey Cal ballcap, given to him for Christmas by his mother.

"I think they're on-board with whatever I do, and whatever I like, but I definitely take info from them," Wooldridge said, adding that Berkeley is where his parents would probably like him. "I think it all comes down to academics."

Wooldridge has a 3.5 GPA, currently.

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