Little Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral wide receiver Arex Flemings commits to Oregon State

Arex Flemings is the small package good things come in, and now, he'll be bringing his talents to Corvallis and Oregon State.

New Oregon State verbal commit Arex Flemings looks nothing like the quintessential wide receiver college football programs yearn for, considering he checks in at 5-foot-6, 146-pounds.

Nevertheless, the diminutive Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral 2017 wide receiver ascended to the status of national recruit, and is now a possible breakout weapon at the disposal of head coach Gary Andersen in the near future.

Cornerbacks who tower over Flemings may look at him as easy pickings, but he sends a barrage of counter attacks ranging from speed, elusiveness and verbal memos to his opponents, including this particular message:

“When I line up, I firmly believe I'm the best player on the field and nobody can tell me otherwise. It's all about playing with an untouchable swag,” Flemings said.

He’s Cathedral’s latest national prospect on a roster that already has the highly-coveted Hunter Echols (UCLA defensive end commit, 35 reported offers) and fellow wide receiving mate Jamire Calvin (29 reported offers including Arizona and Nebraska).

Flemings’ commitment to the Beavers came just five days after the Pac-12 program extended a scholarship opportunity to him. Flemings cites coach Brent Brennan and coach Kevin McGiven as the chief reasons behind his decision to head to Corvallis.

“I spoke with Coach Brennan and coach McGiven every single day since they offered," Flemings said. "They made it very clear that they want to use me as a utility guy; they want the ball in my hands whether if it’s wide receiver, running back, kick returns or punt returns. They want me to be a flat out playmaker, and that was huge for me.”

Given his small stature, Flemings doesn’t look like someone who can use his size to his advantage on red zone lobs or any pass that requires him to out-jump someone. But he compensates for it with his speed and ability to stretch the field, proven by the first four plays shown in his highlight film.

“I feel the things that make me the player I am today are a mix of physical and mental things. I'm smaller, so my elusiveness helps me make big time plays. Most of all, I rely on my quickness,” Flemings said. “Mentally, my football IQ and my awareness help. I always play with ultra-confidence too. People call it cocky, but I'm small so I have to have a tough edge and a dog mentality.”

Another advantage that he brings to the field is when opponents start keying on Calvin, Flemings knows that it swings the door wide open for him to start making explosive plays. He said he and Calvin are super close.

“He's like my brother. We constantly push each other to be better,” Flemings said. “We work out together all the time. We don't accept anything less than greatness out of each other. We're also both super competitive so when one of us is getting out worked or out-played by the other, it makes us push harder.”

Flemings lets it be known to the opposing secondary that he and Calvin are coming, and it won’t be easy.

“We go by the Dynamic Duo, or ‘The Duo’ for short. The message we send has a lot to do with fear: Any defensive back who has to cover us has problems no matter what they try. It’s as simple as that,” Flemings said. “We feel like we're the best on the field and in every game, we plan on making everybody watching or trying to cover us understand that as well. Defensive backs should be afraid of us. I would be afraid if I were them.”

Flemings said he’s fully sold on heading to Corvallis, saying, “I don’t want to de-commit from OSU. I don’t plan on doing so. I’m visiting in August or early September and if everything feels right, I’ll for sure stay solid [with them].”

And now that Flemings got his commitment out the way, he’s set the bar high for himself as his senior season approaches.

“For senior year, I want to win a ring of course. I've never won a championship playing football and it kills me. It's something that helps drive me,” Flemings said. “Besides that, I want another 1,000+ yard season with 80+ catches and 20+ touchdowns. I also want to prepare myself for the next level as much as possible so I can hopefully go into college and make an immediate impact.”

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