Brentwood (Calif.) Liberty freshman quarterback Jay Butterfield impresses at 7on7 kickoff

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Jay Butterfield, the son of Stanford quarterback Mark Butterfield, looks good early as the most polished quarterback at the Kenion 7on7 kickoff.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Brentwood (Calif.) Liberty freshman Jay Butterfield hasn't yet taken a varsity snap, but the 6-foot-5.5, 165-pound signal caller was the most technically sound, impressive quarterback prospect at the Kenion Training 7on7 Kickoff at Oakland (Calif.) Skyline on Sunday.

Butterfield didn't throw a single interception on his team's march to the final eight, and showed off effortless velocity; a high, quick release; and touch out beyond 35 yards, hitting a receiver in the back corner of the end zone, between three defenders for a touchdown in one of the early games. He also led receivers, was able to find holes in a tough Kenion Prep Money defense and put the ball where only his receivers could catch it.

None of that should be a surprise. Butterfield is the son of former Stanford quarterback Mark Butterfield, the leading touchdown thrower in the Pac-10 in 1995, who went on to have a cup of coffee in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. The influence on Jay Butterfield's mechanics -- especially his fluid footwork -- is very clear.

Butterfield estimates that he's been to Palo Alto about 20 times, and, with a 3.86 GPA in his first high school term, Stanford has been his dream school since he was a kid.

"I've been to 10 to 15 Stanford games, and I've been to the campus multiple times," Butterfield said. "One time, we went into a film session, and watched. My dad has a hook up, so we went there and got to sit in and watch their practice."

Coaches can't contact Butterfield just yet, but Boise State has been by his school to inquire about him.

Butterfield has put on 15 pounds since the Kenion event a year ago, and he's dead-set on gaining more weight so he can be more durable.

"I've been hitting the weight room a little bit, getting a little bigger," he said.

On the freshman team this past year, Butterfield threw for over 1,800 yards, 25 touchdowns and four interceptions. He's working out with the junior varsity team right now, but should get a look on varsity during spring ball.

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