Maurice Wilmer (Brandon Huffman)

2019 Mounain View (Calif.) St. Francis athlete Maurice Wilmer relishes two-way role

Two-way Mountain View (Calif.) St. Francis athlete Maurice Wilmer has started to receive Pac-12 interest.

2019 prospect Maurice Wilmer of Mountain View (Calif.) Saint Francis likes to confuse others on the football field.

The 6-foot-1, 195-pounder lets it be known that he’s not going to stay in one area on defense the whole time. He’s going to pop wide receivers at the line of scrimmage at cornerback, then cover his territory and snatch the ball away as a free safety.

Wilmer, whose cousin is NFL free agent linebacker James Michael Johnson, tells Scout that he relishes his Swiss Army knife-like role for the Lancers.

“It’s a lot of fun," Wilmer said. "Because when I come on, the opponents expect me to go somewhere else,” Wilmer said. “Usually when someone plays a different spot, they tend to not know what they’re doing and an opponent can nit-pick it. But I know what I’m doing, it makes it more fun. I can go wherever I’m needed.”

Wilmer finished second on the team in interceptions with three, but led the Lancer defense in yards after the pick with 113. Wilmer said he doesn’t have a preference with where to line up.

“I like free safety and cornerback. At free safety, it’s pick the ball out of the air, which is fun. But with corner, I can jam people,” Wilmer said.

Wilmer benefits from having two important football figures in his corner: His older linebacker cousin and his highly-recruited teammate from last year Cyrus Habibi-Likio , an Oregon running back signee.

Regarding Johnson: “He’s the reason why I started playing football. He was pretty mad I wasn’t playing linebacker. But he’s always told me that your competition is not special. They may be older, but they all have weak spots.”

On Habibi-Likio, Wilmer said: “He gives me a lot of advice on things to do. When it comes to certain things (recruiting wise) I’ll ask him. He’s really good to go to.”

He’s spent his offseason training with the club team Epic 7, which features some of the top talent in the Silicon Valley region.

So far, Wilmer hasn’t reeled in his first scholarship offer, but tells Scout that California, Oregon, Washington and UCLA have shown interest in the 3.7 student.

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