What "The Streak" Means at De La Salle

Student Sports caught up with former De La Salle linebacker and current Tennessee Vol Kevin Simon last night to get his impression on the up coming game with Long Beach Poly as well as what the 'streak' means to him now that he's left Concord.

Simon was a three year starter for the Spartans and was considered by many as the nation's top linebacker a year ago. He played in the first three games of the De La Salle- Mater Dei series when that was the biggest game in town but De La Salle- Poly is on a whole different level.

"I would have loved to play against Poly," Simon said. "This is the biggest game we've ever had and I'm definitely flying down for it. Poly has some great players and great athletes but I know we'll pull it out. My boy Derek Landri is going to show everyone he's the best lineman in the country, you'll see. It's not always about who's the biggest or fastest, it's about technique and Derek is so good I bet he could play here (Tennessee) right now."

The interesting thing about De La Salle's 116 game winning streak, is that the players rarely talk about it and it's not something that's brought up by the coaches.

"To be honest, we don't really think about it while we there," Simon said. "Now once we graduate, it's a big deal and I'm even more proud of it after the fact than while I was playing. Everywhere I go, I run into people who ask me about it. Everyone who follows high school football even a little bit knows about the streak.

"But our coaches do a good job of keeping us focused and on getting better. Coach Ladoucer never talks about it. You never hear any of our coaches say things like, 'we got to win this week to keep the streak alive.' We want to win, but we don't put extra pressure on ourselves to keep the streak going."

Simon said the thing that separates De La Salle from other programs is their work ethic. Players that are considered lazy at De La Salle would probably be the hardest working players on any other team they played for.

"After we win the Championship, we take the weekend off but the following Monday we'll have 60 players in the weight room going at it," Simon said. "The dedication by the players at De La Salle is one of those things that isn't taught, it's just known. You either keep up with what everyone else is doing or you're going to be left behind. Our workouts are killers but you go through it because you know from experience and from the tradition that it's going to pay off."

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