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There's a new crew in Cali, aiming to bring you the 411 on all the players - first.

Heck of a time to switch coaching staffs, huh?

That's sort of what is happening right now. By mutual agreement, the CalHiSports guys – Mark and Nelson Tennis, Harold Abend, Tom Shanahan and the rest – have left TheInsiders.com network. Therefore the change. The previous regime got you close; we are here to seal the deal. PrepCA.com is here to take you to the Promised Land, and to do it we are going to hit the ground running. You want to know the 411, and you want to know now.

We are in the know. You want credentials don't you? You want to know why we know what you don't. You want to know that when you come here you are going to leave knowing something you didn't know before. Well, here you go.

Coach T, editor and publisher of PrepCA.com: Southern California native and a graduate (Class of 1982) of Point Loma College, San Diego. He was an assistant basketball coach at San Francisco State, which reached the Elite Eight in the NCAA DII tournament. He was the recruiting coordinator and assistant basketball coach at the University of San Francisco, where he recruited four "Freshman of the Year." After USF disbanded men's basketball in 1981, Coach T was one of three coaches hired to rebuild the program. He was the recruiting coordinator and assistant basketball coach at the University Of Tulsa, which was ranked 13th in the country. Coach T also was the recruiting Coordinator and assistant basketball coach at the University of Portland, where he recruited three "Freshmen of the Year."

So he knows people. He can get the information you need. Does he know how to get it to you? The short answer is ‘Yes.' We have the proof:


What? An Arizona website? Yes, an Arizona website with a track record. PrepAZ went live in November of 2001. This year we have already had more than 20 million hits and have become the most trusted, fastest growing high school sports website in Arizona. We have broken stories on Lee Cummard (verbal commitment to BYU), Chad Goldstein (verbal commitment to UC Davis), Jermaine Calvin (verbal commitment to Utah), and had an exclusive interview with the head coach of Desert Vista High School on the day he was hired. This is in the last three months.

Coach T is the one you want calling the plays. Our contacts in California give us the lowdown, we go out and confirm it, and then we give it to you – first.

You will be the first to know.

And I'm coming with him. No need to stand up – just relax and enjoy the ride. I'm jimmyjames, Coach T's right-hand man, the "talent" as I like to refer to myself. I've got 10 years of experience, started back in Chi-town watching the players no one else had heard of, moved to Arizona to find the players I'd never heard of, and now I'm coming to Cali to find the players you've never heard of. Or maybe you have, but I'm the one who's going to give you a formal introduction. You see, I know your type. I know you want more than height/weight/40. You need to know more than where they are going, you need to know why. You need to know how they are going to get there. I am going to give that to you, on a silver platter, nicely gift-wrapped with a little bow.

Break ‘em down. That's what I like to call it. Anyone can give you the play-by-play, I give you the behind the scenes action, the stuff that makes you feel like you took the kid out to dinner, had a little chat, shook their hand. I've got a great gig, I get to write about what I love, and I get to write about it all the time. I want the kids to succeed, I want to tell you who's going to the next level, and who's going beyond that. I love the underdog, don't we all, but there is a difference between Rudy and Kelly Holcomb. Rudy was a fun little story; Holcomb came out of Middle Tennessee State and is on the verge of being a star in the NFL. You know Robert Swift is going to be a star, but what do you know about Jake Garcia? I'll find them, you take credit, I don't mind. I know you will be coming back tomorrow, looking for more.

Know the players, and not just the Taylor Kings, and Cameron Colvins. Know about the scrappy two-guard who's going to make an impact in Sacramento. Know about the undersized linebacker who's going to be a leader at the next level. Know about the sophomore big man coming off the bench in San Diego. Know about the junior pitcher whose fastball is going to jump 10 mph by next season. Know now about the players everyone else will know in three years. Know about the teams who are going to win their conference, know about the team who is going to win state. Know more than you ever wanted to know about California high school sports, because we know more than you ever wanted to know about California high school sports. We are starting in the middle of the game, and we are going to hit the ground running.

Can you keep up?

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