Crescenta Valley High quarterback Hudson Gossard is already close to going over 2,000 yards in passing for the season, but he's not alone. Two other California QBs also began play this weekend with more than 1,700 for the season, according to state stat lists compiled by Right behind Gossard in the first leader lists of the 2001 season are juniors Evan Bridewell from Piner of Santa Rosa and Matt Engle of El Segundo.

Gossard also has 15 TD passes this season, but the early state leader is Clovis High's Jordan Christensen. Despite playing a schedule against the likes of Tulsa Union of Oklahoma, Christensen has thrown 23 TD passes after six games.

Marcus Lampkin of Twentynine Palms is the first state rushing leader, although keep in mind that any totals from any games this weekend are not included. Right behind Lampkin, and also right behind Lorenzo Booker of St. Bonaventure on the state scoring list, is versatile standout Vince Mays from Sacramento Johnson.

Complete state stat lists follow:


Name (School, City) Games-Att-Comp-Yds                     
Hudson Gossard (Crescenta Valley, La Crescenta) 6-191-138-1,768
Evan Bridewell (Piner, Santa Rosa) 6-176-120-1,747
Matt Engle (El Segundo) 6-179-116-1,713
Richard Kovalcheck (St. Augustine, San Diego) 6-188-117-1,633    
Preston Maloney (Santa Barbara) 6-186-101-1,605
Jordan Christensen (Clovis) 6-153-100-1,604
Aaron Rodgers (Pleasant Valley, Chico) 7-146-85-1,553
J.C. Lewis (Las Lomas, Walnut Creek) 6-146-83-1,510
Angell Reyna (Cajon, San Bernardino) 6-173-82-1,487
Shane Lopes (Dos Pueblos, Santa Barbara) 6-164-95-1,478
Josh Sessions (North Hills, Vallejo) 6-170-83-1,379
Matt Kaplan (Campbell Hall, North Hollywood) 6-117-74-1,368
Kyle Wright (Monte Vista, Danville) 6-131-78-1,354
Beau Budde (San Clemente) 6-182-107-1,339
Eddie Miller (Venice) 5-79-51-1,316
Andrew Wick (Scotts Valley) 6-187-107-1,293
Ryan Thorson (Beyer, Modesto) 6-146-83-1,291
Sean Spalding (Del Campo, Fair Oaks) 6-155-71-1,289
Cary Dove (Taft, Woodland Hills) 5-145-68-1,284
Erik Vose (Chaminade, West Hills) 5-145-83-1,256
Ben Olson (Thousand Oaks) 6-138-88-1,236
Jason Kurpjuweit (Quincy) 7-141-73-1,233
Narciso Diaz (Franklin, Los Angeles) 5-159-96-1,233
Nate Lewis (Cathedral City) 6-115-61-1,229
Arthur Giddens (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) 5-126-77-1,229
Jordan Adams (West Hills, Santee) 6-133-85-1,216

Touchdown Passes: Jordan Christensen (Clovis) 23, Evan Bridewell (Piner) 20, Richard Kovalcheck (St. Augustine) 19, Angell Reyna (Cajon) 19, Sean Spalding (Del Campo) 18, Trent Edwards (Los Gatos) 17, Matt Engle (El Segundo) 17, Matt Kaplan (Campbell Hall) 17.


Name (School, City) Games-Att-Yds                         
Marcus Lampkin (Twentynine Palms) 6-156-1,267
Vince Mays (Johnson, Sacramento) 6-120-1,212
Robbie Dubois (Mission Viejo) 6-143-1,201
Daniel Dixon (El Modena, Orange) 5-114-1,182
Reggie Ross (Mira Mesa, San Diego) 6-142-1,119
Chauncey Washington (South, Torrance) 6-123-1,115
Glenn Ohaeri (Aquinas, San Bernardino) 6-132-1,110
Lorenzo Booker (St. Bonaventure, Ventura) 6-98-1,108
Kenny James (Dos Palos) 5-129-1,105
Durell Moss (Orange) 5-149-1,094
Nick Kaiser (Nordhoff, Ojai) 6-139-1,093
Stephen Bradley (Berean Christian, Walnut Creek) 6-65-1,078
Mike Liti (Foothill, Tustin) 6-137-1,064
Reggie Bush (Helix, La Mesa) 6-90-1,062
Clark Flournoy (Serrano, Phelan) 6-168-1,035
Dartangan Johnson (Newport Harbor, Newport Beach) 6-144-1,025
Emeka Nnoli (Natomas, Sacramento) 6-103-1,024
George Hill (Corona) 6-130-1,018
Gabe Camacho (Trona) 6-114-1,017
Andre McFarland (Pinole Valley, Pinole) 6-119-1,012
Cesario Machado (Mesa Verde, Citrus Heights) 6-139-1,004
Frederick Collins (La Quinta) 6-127-1,000
Evan Fisher (Julian) 6-133-1,028


Name (School, City) Games-No.-Yds.
Danny Moody (Crescenta Valley, La Crescenta) 6-53-549
Dante Bogan (Santa Barbara) 6-52-769
Brian Cosgrove (Scotts Valley) 6-49-582
Cavelle McDonald (North Hills, Vallejo) 6-47-764
Nick Berard (Calabasas) 6-44-606
James Finley (Manual Arts, Los Angeles) 5-43-815
Travis Cole (Capital Christian, Sacramento) 7-42-625
Logan Irons (Arroyo, San Lorenzo) 6-41-589
Justin Green (Campbell Hall, North Hollywood) 6-39-862
Michael Iafe (St. Augustine, San Diego) 6-39-509
Brad Boyer (Camarillo) 6-38-750
Jose Perez (Oceanside) 6-37-638
Matt Bell (Albany) 6-37-556
Brian Nunez (St. Joseph, Santa Maria) 5-37-431
Thomas Wilson (Pleasant Valley, Chico) 7-36-652
Mark Bradford (Fremont, Los Angeles) 4-36-486
Irving Jimenez (Saddleback, Santa Ana) 6-36-262
Michael Bolio (North, Torrance) 6-35-529
XXXXX Leach (Stevenson, Pebble Beach) 6-35-458
Jason Egan (Acalanes, Lafayette) 6-35-325
Steve Smith (Taft, Woodland Hills) 5-34-697
Robert Davis (Royal, Simi Valley) 6-34-536
Jay Staggs (Dos Pueblos, Goleta) 6-34-471
Dennis Webber (Chadwick, PV Estates) 5-34-452

Touchdown Catches: Highest reported total was 11 for Cavelle McDonald (North Hills, Vallejo). However, receptions, yards and touchdown total for Santa Rosa Piner's Jason Simpson not available. In four games that were tracked down, Simpson caught 10 TD passes. Receiving totals for Piner's other top pass catcher, Pat Taylor, also not reported.


Name (School) TDs-Conv-FG-Total Pts
Lorenzo Booker (St. Bonaventure, Ventura) 6-19 TDs, 7 2pt, 128 pts
Vince Mays (Johnson, Sacramento) 6-21 TDs, 126 pts
Mike Liti (Foothill, Tustin) 6-20 TDs, 1 2pt, 122 pts
Stephen Bradley (Berean Christian, Walnut Creek) 6-17 TDs-10 2pt, 122 pts
Frederick Collins (La Quinta) 6-19 TDs, 3 2pt, 120 pts
Marcus Lampkin (Twentynine Palms) 6-19 TDs, 1 2pt, 116 pts
Jerone Garrett (S.J. Memorial, Fresno) 6-19 TDs, 114 pts
Reggie Bush (Helix, La Mesa) 6-17 TDs, 102 pts
Chris Grempel (Alhambra) 6-17 TDs, 102 pts
Daniel Dixon (El Modena, Orange) 5-16 TDs, 96 pts
Robbie Dubois (Mission Viejo) 6-16 TDs, 96 pts
Kenny James (Dos Palos) 5-15 TDs, 3 2pt, 96 pts
Brian Rotan (Riverbank) 6-15 TDs, 1 2pt, 92 pts
Donelle Darling (Laguna Beach) 6-15 TDs, 1 2pt, 92 pts
Gary Franklin (Monte Vista, Spring Valley) 6-15 TDs, 1 2pt, 92 pts                                                                      
Brody Angley (Enterprise, Redding) 7-11 TDs, 20 PAT, 2 FG, 92 pts
Kris Daniels (South San Francisco) 6-15 TDs, 90 pts
Reggie Ross (Mira Mesa, San Diego) 6-15 TDs, 90 pts
Chauncey Washington (South, Torrance) 6-15 TDs, 90 pts
Chase Twedell (Valley Christian, Cerritos) 6-15 TDs, 90 pts

Your stats missing? Coaches, statisticians welcome to call in corrected or unreported totals to (209) 463-9050. Also may email We plan to follow the leaders on a week-to-week basis for the rest of the season and will periodically run full stat lists in the newsletter and on the web site.


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