To All California Prep Head Football Coaches begins our first full year of California prep football coverage next month...

Attention All High School Head Football Coaches in California: will begin our first full year of prep football coverage starting next month, and to provide exclusive coverage of your program we need your help.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage anywhere on the web, and with our readership topping over 8000 visitors a day, we can provide great exposure for you, your program and players.

A vast majority of our subscribers are college football programs across the country, and this creates huge marketing opportunities for your college level athletes as well.

If you could please provide the following, we can begin to build our database as we approach the 2004 season covering California Prep Football!

For your convenience, please cut and paste the following information into an email sent to us at my personal email address:



Head Coaches Name

Email Address

Phone Number (easy to reach you)

Top Returning Players with phone numbers

A synopsis of your outlook for 2004



Thanks your for time and effort, and we will be contacting you soon regarding any other information we might need to bring your program to the public!

This information will only be used for

Again, the email address to forward information is


Gary Trousdale

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