Attention All AAU Coaches - NCAA Approval

All coaches must get NCAA approval before the July summer tournament circuit...

ALL COACHES OF 15U, 16U & 17U BOYS TEAMS MUST BE CERTIFIED THROUGH THE NCAA PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE TOURNAMENT (Varsity Girls' coaches do not have to go through this approval process). All boys bench personnel must be approved in order to sit on the bench at any NCAA certified event. This is mandated by the NCAA, not the tournament. Tournament Staff  are required to check the NCAA approval number for every non-player on the bench. The approval process involves a test of your knowledge about NCAA rules and a $40 fee to be paid to the NCAA to get the certification. To get NCAA Approval for all coaches on your bench, each coach will have to:


In the right hand column, select the icon that says "Enforcement & Reinstatement."

Click on the icon that says "Basketball Certification."

Click on the red icon that says "NCAA Summer Coaches Approval" and follow the directions.

Please be aware that during the July tournaments, players and team coaches are not allowed to speak or mingle with college coaches before, during, or after the games, or at any hotel. This includes the players' family members and anyone associated with the team. This is a strict NCAA rule.

There will be a separate seating area for college coaches. No players, team coaches, or family members are allowed in this area.

Every player and team coach will have to go through an NCAA Educational Program. This is mandated by the NCAA. We will also add a seminar about the problems of gambling and compulsive gambling. Parents are also welcome to attend. It will be very educational. The seminar will last no longer than 1 hour. Anyone who does not attend the seminar, will not be allowed to play in the tournaments.

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