PrepCA.coms Watchlist Is Here!

Another reason The is the #1 Sports Network in the world and the best Prep website covering California! Our new <b>Watchlist</b> feature will help you track...

Challenge: You operate a fantasy football team and need to keep track of your players.

Solution: Watchlist™.

Challenge: You are dying to know if and when those prized recruits are going to commit to your favorite school.

Solution: Watchlist™.

Challenge: Your favorite player is about to be traded and you want to know where.

Solution: Watchlist™.

Don't fret, Watchlist™ is here on network.

Players are the lifeblood of sports and no one covers players as completely and up-to-the-minute as TheInsiders. And with Watchlist™, you are never more than an email away from the latest news developments about the players you care about most.

With Watchlist™, you can receive email alerts whenever news is posted on TheInsiders network about players you designate for your personal list. You even can designate entire college teams for alerts on new verbal commitments.

While other companies and networks focus on specific sports or teams or fantasy-only content, TheInsiders is the first and only to offer the ability to track players across multiple sports.

"We have always offered great technology, but this feature is not just about technology," said Jim Heckman, CEO of "It's about our proprietary information. We syndicate 1,100 reports per day about players. Technology is useless without the breadth of coverage that only this company delivers."

Watchlist™ is a great tool for keeping tracking of your favorite players, alumni, and all of the top recruits, player moves, injuries, depth chart changes, as well as your personal list of NFL fantasy players.

Players can be added to your personal Watchlist™ by clicking the "Add Player to my Watchlist™" link in the upper left corner of any player page. Player pages are accessible on the roster pages of your favorite college, NFL and MLB team sites.

Additionally, we can notify you whenever there is a new Verbal to your favorite college. To get email notification of Verbals, click the "Add College (Conf)" link in the upper right corner of the Commit page for your favorite school.

Your Watchlist™ is accessible via a link at the top of

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