High School Helmet Project

The California Helmet Project needs your help, so get busy and send us your logo's, descriptions etc... and show some pride in your helmet... & High School Helmet Project

We are embarking on an exciting project as we continue to build our Prep Football coverage and fan base here at This project (we anticipate will take months to complete), with other features over the next year will help provide the #1 California Prep Football website in the State.

We are putting together School Helmets for every California High School to be used in our school database, schedule, articles etc… has taken on this exciting project for us.  Dave, the brainchild in the Georgia Helmet Project, will be providing all images free of charge to 

The complete instructions are HERE
for the process of designing your schools helmet. If you have any additional questions, you can email Dave direct at

To see what helmets we already have in our database check here every couple days:

  • North Section (coming soon)
  • North Coast Section (coming soon)
  • San Francisco Section (coming soon)
  • Oakland Section (coming soon)
  • Sac-Joaquin Section (coming soon)
  • Central Section (coming soon)
  • Central Coast Section (coming soon)
  • Los Angeles City Section (coming soon)
  • Southern Section (coming soon)
  • San Diego Section (coming soon)

 If your school has a  ? Then we need you to get us all the required info and send it to or

As we begin, we obviously need all, so get to work and show some pride in your helmet. 

Thanks again for all your support, and we look forward to being your #1 source for California High School Football!

Thanks again to Dave from for his dedicated help to


Gary Trousdale

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