Player Spotlight: Menelik Holt had the chance to chat with one of the top wideouts in the state of California. had the chance to sit down with star wideout Menelik Holt. Menelik is one of the top returning players in the state of California next season. He is also one of the top recruits in the country. Here's what Menelik had to say. What were your stats from last season?
Menelik: 44 catches 780 yards and 13 td's What is your official height, weight, bench, squat, power clean and 40 yard time?
Menelik: 6'4" 205 , bench 285, squat 410, 4.65
What is your favorite football moment in your career?
Menelik: When we ran a fade to the corner of the end zone and it was under thrown so I jumped over the 6'3 corner and caught it
What are your strengths as a football player?
Menelik: My ability to get off the line in press coverage...
What are your weaknesses as a football player?
Menelik: I can always improve my hands, routes and speed.
Name some teammates people need to watch out for?
Menelik: My quarterback this year will be Chris Forcier, Jason Forcier's little brother
What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Menelik: My goal is to catch everything, win CIF, and get my Coach , Coach of the Year
What are you doing to prepare for next season?
Menelik: I'm lifting 5 times out of the week, including lunch time for endurance
What other sports do you play?
Menelik: I was on the state championship runner up team in basketball, we were undefeated to that point and just fell short
Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers yet?
Menelik: Cal, USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, San Diego State, and I finally got my official offer through the mail from Nebraska, but I also have an offer from SDSU
Who is your favorite professional athlete in any sport and why?
Menelik: Jerry Rice, Braylon Edwards, because they are both great examples of receivers and how hard work pays off
What is the best piece of advice you have ever received who did you hear it from?
Menelik: A friend of mine had a father who was the head football coach at USD and he told me to catch every ball like its an egg
Will you be attending any camps this summer?
Menelik: I'll be going to USC's junior day on the 3rd, and UCLA's single day camp on the 9th and a lot more I'm sure.
Will you consider staying in state to play next season?
Menelik: Of course, I'm from San Diego and I would love to stay somewhere where the climate is phenomenal
What are your goals as far as playing football and or college?
Menelik: I want to play as soon as possible then graduate, but of course if god sees it, I would like to play professionally would like to thank Menelik for his time and honesty. We wish him the best of luck this season and in the future. If anyone is interested in contacting Menelik Holt please email me at

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