Player Spotlight: Samson Szakacsy

Interview with St. Boneventure quarterback

Our next spotlight comes from St. Bonaventure quarterback Samson Szakacsy. Last season Samson led his team to the CIF Div. 4 Southern Section championship. He is one to watch for the future.

PrepCa: What were your stats from last season?
Samson: 65.7 Completion Percentage (3rd highest in county-big schools), 111 of 169 for 1150 yards and 10 TDs (Played half the season).

PrepCa: What is your greatest football memory?
Winning the CIF Div. 4 Southern Section championship game against Ventura High School last season after newspapers doubted our offensive attack against one of the best defenses in Div. 4 football. They allowed less than twenty points in their three previous playoff games combined. We put up 28 pts. by halftime in a total team assault.

PrepCa: What are you doing to prepare for this coming season? will you be attending any camps? Samson: Coach Mack's weight lifting program before school and speed training after school, Nike combines, Elite 11 camps, AIGA combines, working with Bob Johnson and his great staff a couple of times a month, and especially working with JT Rogers Jr. and Sr. (son is Jacob w/ Dallas Cowboys) throwing the ball every day. What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Samson: To live up to Coach Mack's standards of excellence, Coach Therrien's passion and work ethic, Coach Sanchez's patience and poise, and Coach Janca's belief in me. Ultimately leading the team to a 14-0 season. What is your biggest strength as a player?
Work ethic, leadership, footwork, strong arm and will to win. What is your biggest weakness as a player? What are you doing to help this? Samson: Understanding man-free and disguised defenses. I'm on the chalkboard everyday and looking at film from all levels. Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?
Samson: Everyone on the team is someone to watch out for. Kevin Ballard, Adam Liranzo, Dwight Roberson, Ricky Garcia, and Matt Evans to name a few of our explosive seniors. Which teammate do you really respect the most on your team? Why?
Samson: Everyone willing to give everything to win another championship. Especially Kevin Ballard who remained passionate about our team's success last year even with a season- ending injury. Can't wait to have KB back this year! Which opponent do you really respect? Which opposing school do you respect most?
Samson: I prepare for each opponent like I'm going into game 14 (championship). What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten in your life? Who did you get it from?
"Don't be denied (from Coach JT Rogers). Never let anyone or anything keep you from what you have got to do. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
Hands down, my parents. Who is your favorite professional player in any sport?
Lance Armstrong, he didn't let cancer keep him from what he wanted to do. What can we expect from your team this season?
Samson: Great things. What is your team currently doing to prepare for this season?
Samson: Nike camps, weightlifting, speed training, chalk board work, etc. What are your goals as far as playing in college?
Samson: Big time football university with great academics and tradition. What can you bring to a college team?
Samson: Smart, athletic quarterback who will make the big play and work the hardest on and off the field; will to win. What is your favorite thing about the game of football?
Everything. Who is currently sending you letters? Any early offers?
Stanford, Cal, USC, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Syracuse, LSU would like to thank Samson and his family for help with this interview. We would also like to wish both Samson and St. Boneventure high the best of luck this season. Anyone interested in contacting Samson can contact me

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