Interview With Casa Grande High School RB"> Interview With Casa Grande High School RB">

Player Spotlight: Joe Trombetta

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Last year Joe Trombetta of Petaluma Casa Grande rushed for over 1,700 yards while leading his team to an 11-2 record.  Joe hopes to go over the 2,000 yard mark this upcoming season and help get his team deeper into the playoffs.  Joe currently holds a 4.0 GPA and is one of the top students in his class.


PrepCA: What is your favorite thing about playing high school football?

Joe Trombetta: I love being able to play with my friends.  We have grown up playing together.  When you get to play Friday nights with your buddies it is a great feeling.  That is what I love about it most.


PrepCA: What is your official height and weight?

Joe Trombetta: 6'0 exactly and 198 pounds. I would like to see myself play at 205 if I can keep my speed.  That would be perfect.


PrepCA: What is your greatest football memory?

Joe Trombetta: 2003 we played Analy for the Sonoma county league championship two years ago. Each team played their heart out and we came out on top.


PrepCA: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

Joe Trombetta: I Would like to see myself go over 2,000 yards.  I would like to have more endurance.  So when the game goes on I will be fresh and ready to go. I also just want to have fun.


PrepCA: How are you preparing for the upcoming season? Will you attend any camps this summer? Have you gone to any combines? 

Joe Trombetta: We do speed training weekly.  I also have a trainer.  We have a trainer that comes to our school.  Right after school the team is going to Cals full contact camp.  Right after that I'm going to Oregon's camp.  Lastly, I will go to the three day Stanford camp.


PrepCA: What aspect of your game have you really worked hard to improve? What area would you like to keep improving on?

Joe Trombetta: I would say my lateral quickness from side to side.  If I can get quicker laterally I will be a greater threat rather than just being a straight on runner.


PrepCA: Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?

Joe Trombetta: I think you will have to watch out for our whole team but most notably George Leshinsky and then our QB Chris Forni and Ray McClintock our right tackle, a big strong kid.


PrepCA: Name one teammate you really respect and why?

Joe Trombetta: I really respect George Leshinsky. He does not live with his parents.  He lives by himself and he has worked very hard.  He pushes me, he is someone I can work hard with.


PrepCA: What are your goals regarding playing football in college?

Joe Trombetta: I'm interested in all the Pac 10 colleges.  I've gotten letters from Florida, Florida State, Texas, Tennessee, all over the country. My Top three right now are Stanford, Cal and Oregon. 


PrepCA: What position are you being recruited as running back or safety?

Joe Trombetta: Some are recruiting me as a running back and some are recruiting me as a defensive back.  Some are recruiting me as an athlete.


PrepCA: Do you have any offers yet?

Joe Trombetta: I do not have any offers yet.


PrepCA: Who is the best player you ever played against?

Joe Trombetta: Ray Maualuga.  We were playing against Eureka and he was just amazing.  He is big.  He is fast and he is tough.


PrepCA: What are your best max lifts in the bench, squat, power clean and 40 yard dash?

Joe Trombetta: 185x18, Squat 275X25, My best forty is a 4.45


PrepCA: How do you think your coach would describe you as a player?

Joe Trombetta: I think coach would say I'm a good leader and the other players look to me to follow.  He is quoted as saying I have an extra gear.  He would say I'm a leader, unselfish and I work hard.


PrepCA: Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?

Joe Trombetta: Michael Jordan.  He had an extreme work ethic and the desire to be the best.


PrepCA: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Who did you receive it from?

Joe Trombetta: Do not get distracted.  Stay true to yourself, stay consistent and do not let outside things get in your way.  Actually someone my dad worked with knew Joe Montana and that is what Joe Montana said.


PrepCA: What is the team going to do to improve on last years 11-2 record?

Joe Trombetta: We have to work harder.  We are going to be a good team again next year but we can't come in with a big head or else someone will catch by surprise.  So we need to come in there like we are underdogs.


PrepCA really enjoyed doing this interview.  We would like to thank Joe and his family for taking the time to do this.  We would especially like to thank coach O'Brien and coach Herzog for their help.










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