Tale of the Tape: Video Evaluation

Video Evaluation of Camarillo HS wideout Sean Creadick

We at PrepCA realize that it is not possible to see every student athlete play and we put a very strong emphasis on the value of film study. We all know the old saying, "The tape doesn't lie." This will be our 1st, of hopefully many, game tape breakdowns.




Name: Sean Creadick

Size: 6'2 190

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Camarillo HS Camarillo CA

Jr. Stats: 44 receptions for 620 yards in 2004

Self reported bench= 220, squat= 335, clean= 200 and 40= 4.65


Tape type: This evaluation is being done based on an 8 minute highlight film (a more accurate evaluation could be made from a full game).


Breakdown: Uses hands extremely well to catch the ball. Only once in the whole tape did he make a catch with his chest. Has very good concentration and will leap for the ball at it's highest point. Uses size to his advantage for both leaping catches and gaining separation. Good speed but not great. Reminds me of a 3rd down possession type receiver; an Ed McCaffrey/Joe Jurevicius type of receiver in that he is not a kid with blazing speed (though not slow, seen out running several defenders in tape) but will catch anything thrown his way and is a dependable receiver that can go over the middle.


Bottomline: If I were a D1 recruiter this tape would definitely have me asking for a full game of this kid. Has size, good enough speed and hands to compete at the D1 level. I would not say he is a "change the game" type of Randy Moss receiver which will keep him being recruited by the Miami's and USC's of the world but I could definitely see this kid fitting in at a mid-major program like Boise St, Fresno St, New Mexico or San Jose St.


We are will post the 1st few as free articles to give kids an idea of what we will be providing in our breakdowns and analysis. Any player that would like a similar breakdown, may mail a tape to:


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