Player Spotlight: Brandon Sullivan

Our next player spotlight features standout running back from Poway High School.

Brandon Sullivan. Last season Brandon had over 1,900 all purpose yards and reached pay dirt 15 times. Here's what he had to say. What were your stats from last season?

Brandon: I had 143 carries for 1,172 yards (8.2 yard average per carry) and 12 touchdowns as a running back and I also caught 18 passes for 329 yards (18.3 yards per reception) and one touchdown coming out of the backfield. I returned 12 kickoffs and had a 40.8 yard average and two touchdowns. On defense, I had 27 (solo) tackles, six assisted, with one sack and one interception. What is your greatest football memory?

Brandon: My greatest memory would be when we beat the #5 (Escondido) team in the county. My team wasn't so great and we pulled together and played as an actual team and did some great things. What are you doing to prepare for this coming season? Will you be attending any camps?

Brandon: Well I am running track as usual and I run routes and do some skills every Sunday with a few teammates and my coach. I Attended the Army Navy All American Combine in January and I plan on attending the Nike Combine What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Brandon: My goal for this season is to help the team have a winning record and also make my teammates better players. What is your biggest strength as a player?

Brandon: I am a player that never wants to give up on a play I try to fight for extra yards and will go through guys to do it. I also like to get my teammates into the game and pick everyone up, it makes me better too. What is your biggest weakness as a player? What are you doing to help this?

Brandon: My biggest weakness is sometimes when the defense is getting through the line it causes me not to hit the hole as fast because I'm looking to make a move early. I am going to practice on hitting the hole hard every time no matter what. Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?

Brandon: People you should look for this upcoming season are defensive lineman Josh Teeples, Middle Linebacker Joe Skawinski, Quarterback Donny Mc Killup, and wide receiver William Roche Which teammate do you really respect the most on your team? Why?

Brandon: I respect my middle Linebacker, Joe Skawinski, the most. Though he may not look very tough he lays the smack down on people. The kid is only 170-175 lbs but he hits like a 10 ton truck and that's no joke. He makes sure he leaves everything on the field. I mean the kid kills lineman. The thing I like most about him is he respects everyone and does not play dirty like most players. He is clean and drug free. Which opponent do you really respect? Which opposing school do you respect most?

Brandon: The school I respect most is Torrey Pines High School, every player and every coach works hard to make sure that the team is good and in sync. The team is good every year and they know how to play and win with class. What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten in your life? Who did you get it from?

Brandon: The best piece of advice I have gotten is from my coach Rick Sharpe. He always tells me not to go out thinking too much, yes I want to concentrate on what I am going to do but I don't want to clutter my mind. "Just go out there relaxed and do your thing" is what he always says. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Brandon: My coach Rick Sharpe is definitely the most influential person in my life Who is your favorite professional player in any sport?

Brandon: My favorite player is Allen Iverson. Though he plays basketball, he is the man who always works and plays hard no matter how he feels or how well or bad his team is doing. What can we expect from your team this season?

Brandon: You can expect to see an undersized team who will go out and give all they have and will fight until the very end. What is your team currently doing to prepare for this season?

Brandon: My team is doing what every other team is doing. We are practicing on our different passion skills as well as team aspects and we are definitely working hard in the gym to prepare for a tough season. What are your goals as far as playing in college?

Brandon: My goal is to go to a college where I can play and make a difference on the team as well as on the field and in the campus environment.. What can you bring to a college team?

Brandon: I can bring athleticism as well as heart. I will never give up and I am willing to work hard. What is your favorite thing about the game of football?

Brandon: My favorite thing about football is having the opportunity to hit someone. Sometimes it is a way to release stress. I also like the fact that in order to be successful one must be smart and think fast on their feet in order to survive the game.

The staff at would like to thank Brandon Sullivan for his time and Poway Head Coach Damien Gonzalez in helping set up this interview. We wish both Brandon and Poway the best of luck this season. Anyone wishing to get in contact with Brandon can email me at

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