Video Breakdown Of Scripps Ranch QB"> Video Breakdown Of Scripps Ranch QB">

Tale Of The Tape: T.J. MacFarlane

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Bio: T.J. MacFarlane Scripps Ranch High School San Diego, California


Size: 6'2 185


Positions: QB



Tape Type: Ten minute highlight tape.

Breakdown: When watching the tape of T.J. the first thing that stands out is his inconsistent throwing motion.  Due to this motion his ball does not have much zip on it.  Further, he tends not to step towards his throws leaving his weight on his back foot. With that being said T.J., has quick feet and the ability to make throws on the run.  In fact he seems more comfortable throwing while moving.  His ability to run and escapability is enhanced by his toughness.  When running T.J. finishes runs and attempts to punish tacklers.  


Bottom Line: Many of T.J.'s weaknesses as a QB can be remedied with coaching and practice.  A few tweaks will put more zip on his ball.  Experience as a junior starter, will help T.J. overcome his tendency to stare down his receivers.  With support T.J. should have a strong senior campaign as he works on his mechanics.  At the college level, T.J.'s natural athleticism and toughness will give him the opportunity to transition into a DB or WR.


Coaches and parents send tapes to:

7000 N 16th Street

Suite 120 #458

Phoenix, Arizona 85020


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