Player Spotlight: Lee Mondol

Interview with Ventura HS QB

Our next interview comes from Ventura HS QB Lee Mondol. Lee was the top passer and the third leading rusher in the Channel League in 2004.  He was also named 1st Team All Channel League despite some good competition. He was also named the Cougar's Offensive MVP and led his team to the CIF, Division 4 Championship Game. With solid senior year, expect Lee to be on many school's radar.

PrepCa: What were your stats from last season?

Mondol: I passed for 1,661 yards, rushed for 571 yards, for a total 2,232 yards.  I also passed for 12, and rushed for 5 touchdowns, and averaged 6.74 yards per carry. 

PepCa: What is your official height, weight and 40 speed?

Mondol: I am 6'1" / 190 and run a 4.8 / 40. I am working on getting faster for this season.

PrepCa: What is your greatest football memory?

Mondol: Well, unfortunately, my greatest football memory is not a good one.  December 10th was my birthday. It was also the day we played in the CIF Championship game against St. Bonaventure in 04. We lost badly. Every thing that could go wrong went wrong for us. And, everything that could go right went right for them. We all played our hardest, but we made some game turning mistakes.

PrepCa: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Mondol: Work hard with my team.   Win the Channel League Championship, win the CIF Championship, and break all the school passing records.


PrepCa: How are you preparing for the upcoming season?  Will you attend any camps this summer?

Mondol: I am planning on attending a few camps including the Michigan Camp.  Also, our team will be in several passing tournaments and leagues this summer. I am currently on the Cougar Basketball team and also in the weight room three times a week. When basketball is over, I will be working with a speed and conditioning coach from Maverick's Gym to help me get ready for the season. I worked with QB Coach, Bob Johnson from Mission Viejo last spring, and will work with Dean Herrington from College of the Canyons this spring. I am hoping to be much faster, and more efficient in all aspects of my game by fall. 

PrepCa: What aspect of your game have you really worked hard to improve?  What area would you like to keep improving on?

Mondol: I want to work with my receivers this spring and summer so we can open up more of a passing game.  I improved my throwing speed quite a bit after working out with the coaches at the Michigan camp last year.  When I returned, I was throwing a bit too fast for the guys on my team and had to slow down my passes so they could hang on to them. Most of the guys were 1st year receivers last year.  I want to be able to put some speed on the ball next year.  I also need to work on my foot speed.  I want to make it as difficult as possible for any one to cover me.  If they have to keep a couple of guys on me, the rest of our game should open up quite a bit. I want to be able to take off and make something happen with explosive speed if nothing is open.

PrepCa: Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?

Mondol: Tyler Clark is most likely going to be our main HB. He is lightning fast out of the backfield, and is also a great receiver.  Our TE, Erik Soule did a great job for us last year and is getting quite a few looks by colleges now.  I am taking AP Physics & AP Calculus this year, and there are quite a few of the other guys on our football team that are in my classes that are honor students.  There should be a few guys getting scholarships, like MLB - Scott Garner, FS - Alex Keats, OL - John Griffin, C- Grady Steward, OL-Jesse Howard, WRs Robbie Leith, Ben Horowitz, Q Kindle, Evan Spellman and Nick Palmer.  Palmer will be a first year player, but he probably is the most athletic guy in our whole division.  He is also getting looked at for basketball by a lot of colleges.  There are a bunch of other good guys returning on the team.  I would name them all and say, you need watch out for the Cougars next year. 


PrepCa: Name one teammate you really respect and why?

Mondol: I guess there isn't just one. It would probably be my returning line (Jessie Howard, Grady Steward, Jon Griff, and TE Erik Soule because they are protecting me. We all know each other very well and got each others backs on and off the field.  Our whole team is that way.  We all get along real well.

PrepCa: What are your goals regarding playing football in college?

Mondol: Hopefully play for a Big-10, or PAC-10 school.  I want to play in, and win the Rose Bowl I like schools with great tradition. I also want a college that has a good Law or Business school, for after football.  I'm also considering Pre-Med. 

PrepCa: Who is currently recruiting you? Do you have any offers yet?

Mondol: I have been getting letters regularly from close to 20 D-1 schools along with a few others. I will be evaluated this spring by a few schools including Michigan & Michigan State, who would be my top two choices right now.  My coach is talking to a few other schools about me. 

PrepCa: Would you consider staying in state to play in college?

Mondol: Yes, there are a few Pac-10 teams I am considering, I want to go to a team that will give me a chance to start by 2008 or sooner.  I am willing to look at all options.  I just want to play. 

PrepCa: What would your top 5 college choices be?

Mondol: Although I will play at any school that gives me a good offer, the top five would be Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, USC and WashingtonArizona, Northwestern, and Wisconsin are also up there.

PrepCa: Who is the best player you ever played against? Why?

Mondol: Josh Pinkard, Hueneme High School, in 2003.  He was recruited by several D-1 teams, and ended up at USC.  That was the 2nd Varsity game I started as a sophomore.  He's a great DB, and he must have had good grades to end up at USC. 

PrepCa: Name one opponent who you really respect and why?

Mondol:  DE, Carlton Gillespie, St. Bonaventure. That guy bugs. I saw his stats. He had at least one sack in almost all his games. Although, he never was able to sack me (ha ha).  I felt like he was reading my mind the whole game.  He must watch a lot of film.  He caused more problems for me than anyone I have played against.  I don't know if he is fast enough, but he would make a great Strong Safety in college. I didn't really notice him the first time we played them for league champs, but the second time in the CIF championship he was all over the place, right on my tail the whole game.  He would lay a good hit on me after most of my throws, but never talked trash or showboated.  Could be why he didn't draw a flag.

PrepCa: What other sports do you play?

Mondol: I play Varsity Basketball for the Cougars & AAU Basketball

PrepCa: How do you think your coach would describe you as a player?

Mondol: I think Coach Steward would say "Lee rocks" (ha).  I don't know.  He and I get along real well.  He is also my AP Calculus teacher.  I don't really know what he'd say, but it would be good.  He knows how hard I work, and he likes the way I play football.  He has done a lot to promote me and the other guys on the team.  He would say I don't make stupid mistakes. That's what he would say.

PrepCA: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Mondol: You know. I still like Joe Montana, but Michael Vick is the man. He puts it all out there every game, and looks like he has fun on the field. I like him because, like Montana, he is a play maker and very difficult to cover.  He is also calm, and does whatever it takes to win games


PrepCa: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Mondol: My Dad told me long time ago, "You're going to feel pain on the way up to the top."  People that are champions in life don't mind the pain, because they look past it to the glory. Guys that never get to championships, don't get there because deep down inside they are scared of the pain and failure, and without knowing it, don't put the effort into getting there.  It is easy to be mediocre, and not go any where, but it is great to be a champion.  God loves those who work hard, and will give them what they want.  Just go for what you want, and you will get it. Not just in sports, in everything.   "My teams over the years have won so many championships, it can't be any other way." 

PrepCa: Tell us what can we expect from your team this season?

Mondol: A CIF Championship.  We are going to score a lot more points than last year. Although we were good last year, we will have a lot more speed on both sides of the ball this year.  It's going to be a good season.

PrepCa: What position do you think you will play in college?

Mondol: I will be a QB in college. I have also played SS, WR, LB, and TE but all my coaches have asked me to play QB more than anything else.  I think it will be the same in college.  

PrepCa: What can a college program expect from you as a player?

Mondol: A team player.  Lots of hard work.  I started playing football for a great coach, John Carr in the PYFL when I was eleven years old. He, along with all my coaches since, have instilled a great work ethic in me.  They made it fun.  But, when it came time to work, there was no messing around.  We busted our buts and hit like there was no tomorrow.  I feel very lucky because I have gotten to know my coaches and have gone to many coach meetings over the years to watch film and strategize for upcoming games or practices, etc.  I guess, what they can expect from me is having a player that will be able to understand their system very quickly.  A player that will do what ever it takes to win a game, to win a championship. 


The staff at PrepCA would like to thank Lee for his time and wish him luck during the upcoming season. Anyone wishing to contact Lee may email


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