For Many Stock Rises at Combines"> For Many Stock Rises at Combines">

Workout Warriors

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High school football has become a year around sport.  With spring ball, junior days and combines, next year's seniors not only have multiple opportunities to improve but also have multiple opportunities to be seen.  Much as a solid performance at the NFL combine can get a player in the money, so to can a good forty or drill work catapult a high school player into D1 prominence.  Over the last few weeks, many high profile combines have taken place throughout California.  Here is a look at some of the players who may have benefited themselves the most.


Two linebackers who solidified their standing during recent combines are Del Oro's Ben Chandler and Long Beach Poly's Alfred Rowe jr. Chandler showed speed and agility in his times and drills.  This along with his legitimate size of 6'3 plus, should get recruiters talking.  Rowe from the Poly football factory ran a 4.6 forty, which should make colleges comfortable moving the undersized linebacker to safety at the next level.


The work of two interior linemen at combines this spring creates an interesting dilemma for recruiters. Bobby Best of Gilroy and Justin Fibich of Arroyo Grande showed quickness and agility this spring but both fall into that tweener category that may limit their D1 opportunities.  Best is 6'2 238 while Fibich is just over 5'10 and weighs 228.


Two running backs that may have helped their case are Fresno Bullard's Kenny Hedrington and Canyon Springs' Brandin Williams. Bullard ran a solid forty this spring while Williams had a strong two way season last year averaging over seven yards a carry and two interceptions. Williams' 4.5 forty and legit 6'1 size should get people looking.


Other players to watch coming out of combines were Jonathan Blea, Jacob Manuel and Andrew Perez. Blea, the wide receiver from Yosemite, is 6'4 and nearly 200 pounds and runs a 4.7 forty.  Jacob Manuel of Rio Mesa weighed in at 241 at 6'2.  His 4.4 shuttle showed nice agility.  Andrew Perez of Damien came in at just under 6'0 and ran a good forty this spring. 


The ultimate workout warrior may have been running back Lonyae Miller of Fontana Kaiser.  Miller posted a SPARQ score of over 90 highlighted by a 4.4 forty.


Bottom line, California has so many quality football players some get lost in the shuffle.  The combines give players the chance to shine.  We will keep our eyes out for those who deserve a look.

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