Player Spotlight: Travon Patterson

Chat with Poly playmaker and divison one prospect Travon Patterson

Our next player spotlight comes from Poly wide receiver Travon Patterson.  Last season Patterson played behind both Terrance Austin and DeShawn Jackson, but still had over 600 yards catching.  Look for his stats to be much better this season in a bigger role.  Here's what he had to say…………….. What were your official stats from last season?

Travon: My official stats from last year were 26 catches 610 yards and 4 touchdowns What is your official height, weight, bench, squat and 40 time?

Travon: My official height and weight is 5'11 170 pounds, I bench 205 pounds, I squat about 300 pounds and my 40 time is 4.3 Who is currently recruiting you?  Any early offers?

Travon: I am currently being recruited by the whole pac-10, Miami, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Nevada, Sacramento St, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah What is your greatest football memory?

Travon: My greatest memory is from when I was young, I led my Pop Warner football team to win a championship and had 3 touchdowns in the game. What are you working on for next season?

Travon: Well I'm working on my catching ability, foot work, and speed What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Travon: Well my goals are to have a better season than last year and lead my team to another CIF championship What are your strengths as a player?

Travon: My strengths are running, catching, and scoring Name some teammates that people need to watch for?

Travon: Some teammates that people need to watch for are, Donte Wright, Isaiah Green, Bryshon Nellum, Ellis Anderson, Travionte Session, and Aaron Hester Which teammate do you respect the most and why?

Travon: Well, I really respect Terrence Austin because we've known each other since we were 6 years old, and we always look out for each other What is the best piece of advice that you have ever gotten? Who did you get it from?

Travon: My best advice was to believe in myself and play how I play. Also to never think of anyone else during the game, I got this from my coaches Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Travon: My mom, dad, and grandparents, because their always telling me to do the right things and do well in school Who is your professional athlete?

Travon: My favorite professional athlete is Randy Moss What can we expect from your team this season?

Travon: You can expect a CIF championship from my team this season What are your goals as far as playing in college?

Travon: My goals are to become a great player, and be a big impact to the college program on and off the field What can you bring to a college program?

Travon: The things I can bring to a college program is speed, great catching ability and an all around athlete What is your favorite thing about the game of football?

Travon: My favorite thing about football is scoring, blocking for fellow teammates, also seeing others achieve greatness and just being out on the field playing in the game. Poly is considered one of the top programs in the entire country.  Why is Poly able to be good year in and year out?

Travon: Poly is able to be successful year in and year out because, everyone player knows about the tradition that poly has, and each year everyone works real hard at whatever they do so that they would not have to be the team to break the tradition What does your team do in order to keep the Poly tradition alive?

Travon: Well, my team works real hard at every practice and plays hard at every game would like to thank Travon for his time and in answering our questions.  We wish him and all of his teammates the best of luck this season.  Anyone interested in contacting Travon can email me

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