Tale of the Tape: Joe Allen

Video evaluation of Elk Groove RB

Name: Joe Allen

Position: RB

School: Elk Groove

Stats: 193 carries for 1103 yards and 9 TDs

Height: 6'0 Weight: 195


Breakdown: (Highlight Tape)

In order to get a true sense of Joe's abilities it would be better to break down an entire game.  With that being said here's my breakdown.  Joe has really good size for a runner (6-0 195) and for a guy his size he has decent speed.  Joe has the abilities to have long runs in high school, but I'm not sure if that would translate at the next level.  His strengths would be his vision and his ability to see the cutback lane.  So many times high school backs totally miss a cutback lane, instead running usually to the nearest sideline.  That's not the case with Joe.  One little note, Joe is what I call a glider.  He doesn't pick his feet up that far from the ground.  His knees rarely come up to a 90 degree level, in high school this is not a problem because Joe is strong enough to break arm tackles, but this might be a problem in college.  From a negative standpoint, I don't think I've ever seen a high school back who understands how to block correctly.  Joe is no different in that aspect.  He needs to work on using his hands better at the point of attack.  Don't get me wrong, he has the abilities to be a really good blocker and he is not afraid to hit someone.  He just needs to work on his technique a little.


Bottom Line:

Joe's a heck of a high school back, he has the abilities to push the 1500 yard mark and be an all conference type player.  Joe also seems to have a drive about him to want to be good, on tape it seems like the game means something to him.  From a recruiting standpoint, I don't know if Joe's a major division one kid.  Joe is a kid that colleges probably want to see play a little more before making a decision.  If he has a good season, I suspect several mid majors will be calling. 


We wish Joe and the rest of his Elk Groove teammates the best of luck this upcoming season and in the future.


Anyone interested in a tape evaluation please send me an email: mike@24-7football.com

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