Player Spotlight: Terrence Austin

Our next player spotlight features one of the states top recruits: Poly WR Terrence Austin.  Terrence is a great athlete and talks about what it's like to be recruited and why Poly is good each and every year…………….. What were your official stats from last season?   

Terrence: 39 catches 648 yards 8TDs What is your official height, weight, bench, squat, clean and 40?  
Terrence: 5'11" 170lbs, 185 (15reps) bench, 425lbs squat, 245lbs clean, 4.43 40, 3.79 20yd shuttle. Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers yet? As of right now who would be your top 5?

Terrence: Colorado, UCLA, Notre Dame, Miami, Arizona, Arizona St.,  CAL, Oregon, Oregon St., Utah, Washington St, Kansas St., USC, Fresno St, Tennesse, UNLV, Washington are all recruiting me. But Colorado, UCLA, Notre Dame ,Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Arizona, Arizona St ,and Utah, has offered... My top 5 is UCLA Notre Dame Cal Oregon and Miami What is your greatest football memory?
Terrence: My greatest memory was scoring a game breaking 68 yard touchdown before the half in the semi finals against Esperanza my junior year. What are you doing to prepare for next season?
Terrence: I am running a lot of routes and focusing on my strength in the weight room. I am also studying defense a lot so I can find cracks and holes. What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Terrence: I want to win another CIF Div. 1 title again. I also want to try and rack up 1000 receiving yards. What is your strength as a football player?
Terrence: I run hard after catching the ball and by doing that I make small plays into big plays and TDs.
Who are some teammates that people need to watch for?

Terrence: Jurray Casey (LB), Vincent Joseph (CB), Travon Patterson (WR), Troy Guthrie (RB) Donte Wright (S),  Alfred Rowe (LB) What teammate do you really respect the most and why?

Terrence: I respect Conan Amuitiani. He is a very humble guy. He is soft spoken but very respectful. He is one of those guys that you know will get the job done in class and on the field. If I went to war I'd take him with me because he would definitely have my back. Which program do you respect the most?
Terrence: I respect the program Concord De La Salle. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? Who did you get it from?

Terrence: Desean Jackson. He told me, "Go out and put your name on
the scene. Force people to know and here about you. Make a house hold
name for yourself and you do that by working on your game day by day and attending each camp and combine and turning it out. That way recruiting will be a little easier." Who has been the most influential person in your life? Why?
Terrence: Both my parents because they make sacrifices for me and my sister to live a better life than they have and to me that's inspiring because life is rough. Who is your favorite professional athlete?
Terrence: Sammie Parker (WR, Kansas City Chiefs) What can we expect from your team this season?

Terrence: Hard hitting and a whole lot of speed. A Cat quick defense and a lights out offense. What are your goals as far as playing football in college?
Terrence: I want to make an impact my freshman year. I really want to break some freshman receiving conference records or even NCAA too. What can you bring to a college program?
Terrence: I can bring 100% focus and determination. What is your favorite thing about the game of football?
Terrence: I like making guys miss. What has been the most surprising part of the whole recruiting process?  What advice would you give to athletes who get recruited in the future?

Terrence: The most surprising thing was how early I started receiving offers. I received my first offer in March after my junior 2004 season. My advice would be make sure you get all your tests done and keep your grades right because it gives you an edge on being recruited. How do you feel when you see your name listed as one of the top prospects in the entire country?

Terrence: It doesn't seem real! I work real hard and try my best to be the best, and I dream to be mentioned amongst the best. I am just happy all my hard work is starting to pay off. Tell us a little how Poly is able to be successful each and every year.
Terrence: Poly is a program filled with competitive athletes and because we compete with each other everyday, it improves our play and keeps us with a natural mentality to work hard. That's why we are successful each year. Explain what a normal day of practice at Poly would be like.
Terrence: Practice at poly is no ordinary practice. It's always a game situation. The intensity is so high every time and the competition is so thick. We tend to play at game pace everyday at practice.


The staff at would really like to thank Terrence for his time.  We also wish him the best of luck this season and in the future.  Anyone wishing to contact Terrance please email me:

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