Player Spotlight: Walter Watts

Chat with Los Banos star and UCLA Committ

Our next player spotlight comes from one of the big boys up front.  Los Banos OL Walter Watts is a massive man at the high school level.  Walter has already committed to UCLA, here's what he had to say……………………….  What is your favorite block to make?

Walter: My favorite blocks are run blocks  What is your official height, weight, bench, squat, clean and 40?

Walter: Height: 6 4, Weight: 300, Bench: 325, Squat: 505, 40: 5.5  Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers yet? As of right
now who would be your top 5?

Walter: I'm receiving letters from all Pac 10 and top 25 colleges in the nation.  I've gotten offers from Oregon St. Beavers, Cal, UCLA, and University of Houston.  The college recruiter says I would have more offer letters if I hadn't committed to UCLA.  The top 5: UCLA, Cal Berkeley, Notre Dame, USC, and Florida.  What is your greatest football memory?

Walter:  When we were playing our rivals Dos Palos high school and our running back scored on an 85 yard touch down from the hole I created.  What are you doing to prepare for next season?

Walter: Now that school is out, I run at the football stadium, I do the 440, and I run the stairs.  I also workout everyday, and I'm more prepared and in shape this year than ever.  What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Walter: My goal this is to take my team to the championship.  It's been a couple of years since we've been there.  In addition, my other goal is to prove to the state that Los Banos HS can play football.  What is your strength as a football player?

Walter: I consider my quick feet; balance and my full body strength are my top strengths in football.  I also think the game, I don't just play it.  When my opponent is doing their moves, I'm already waiting for him.  What is your weakness as a football player?

Walter: I don't think I have a weakness; just improving my game every year is my plan.  Who are some teammates that people need to watch for?

Walter: I have a player name Tony Peko.  He was my right tackle last year, but now he plays tight end.  What teammate do you really respect the most and why?

Walter: I respect every player on my team.  Everybody has their own unique strengths and this year we will be a force to deal with.  What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? Who did you
get it from?

Walter: "In high school play as if you are playing in college, and always be a leader."  By coach Radoni  Who has been the most influential person in your life? Why? 

Walter: My grandpa, Ray Hammond, he took me to all my games.  And after each game, he would always talk about what I did wrong.  He never talked about the good stuff, and I thank him for that.  Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Walter: Willie Roaf, Offensive lineman from the Kansas City Chiefs.  What can we expect from your team this season? 

Walter: You can expect hard-hitting, dedicated men on the field to do what it takes to win games.  What are your goals as far as playing football in college?

Walter: My goals are not just to play the game, but also to be the best to my ability.  Also, set examples for the offensive linemen that championships start from the line.  What can you bring to a college program?

Walter: A leader, determination, and dedication.  What is your favorite thing about the game of football?

Walter: I love the physical contact, the intimidation and the power of strength that the game of football shows.  What has been the most surprising part of the whole recruiting
process?  What advice would you give to athletes who get recruited in the future?

Walter: It was surprising that colleges really come after you to play for them.  I really didn't believe I would get so much attention from a little town like Los Banos.  My advice I would give to an athlete is no matter how small the town is, if you work hard enough you will be seen.  What was it about UCLA that made you decide that was your choice
this early in the whole process?

Walter: I always wanted to go to UCLA since I was a little kid.  Plus, Tom Cable, the offensive coach, is someone I feel I can learn a lot from. would really like to thanks Walter for taking the time to chat with us.  We wish him the best of luck this season and in the future at UCLA.


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