Tale of the Tape: Ryan King

Video Evaluation of Santa Fe Christian LB



Name: Ryan King

Position: MLB/OL

School: Santa Fe Christian

Stats: 115 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 INTs, 1 TD and 1 fumble recovery

Height: 6'1  Weight: 195

Bench: 295 Squat: 515 and 40: 4.55 (all self reported)


Breakdown: (10 minute highlight and 2 half games)


I had the privilege to see Ryan play several different positions on film. As a sophomore he played defensive end and center. His junior year he played middle linebacker and left guard. I will talk about his play at LB first because in a player spotlight with him earlier this year, Ryan reported he thinks he projects as a LB or safety at the next level. Here is a link to that article.


The first thing that stands out on film is Ryan's tenacity. He obviously hustles and has the ability to deliver the "big pop" when making a tackle. He is always around the ball and seems to be a technician. His hunt for the big hit does lead to him missing some tackles. He played at only 195 pounds as a junior, which is much too light to play MLB at the next level. He has a self reported 4.55 forty time but he did not seem to play that fast on film, so a switch to OLB might not fit for him.


He seemed to play his best football when his had was on the ground. As a sophomore DE, I thought he made some very nice plays. He used his hands nicely and had great technique, shuffling down the line when left unblocked. He showed great hustle and good quickness of the ball. But I really think he stood out along the offensive line, both at center and guard. I have not seen many other players on tape knock as many kids down as Ryan. He finishes blocks, pulls, makes blocks down field and plays with a low pad level. Again, Ryan problem here is his size. At 6'1 and under 200 pounds, he needs to gain 60 pounds to even be considered an OL at the next level.




Ryan plays harder than 90% of the players I have watched on film this year, which makes this evaluation difficult. As a high school coach, I would love to have 11 players like Ryan on my team but as a recruit I don't feel Ryan has the measurables to get many looks by D1 coaches. I really think he has the skills to play OL, he pancaked kids much bigger than him but no D1 coach will look at a player of his stature. I felt he was playing out of position at LB on the tape I saw. He needs to play downhill a little better and looked a little stiff in the hips. I thought he played better at DE which may be his best chance to play at the college level. He would only have to gain 30-40 more pounds and his tenacity could make him a menace chasing the QB if he can keep his speed. I think his best bet might be to go to a local junior college and pick what position he would like to play and dedicate himself to making himself more of the prototypical D1 player. For example, gaining weight at OL/DL or studying tape and working on his footwork at LB.



I would like to apologize to Ryan for my tardiness in getting to his tape and wish him luck this season. Anyone wishing to have their video evaluated, please email jason@24-7football.com.

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