Tale of the Tape: Nathan Costa

Video Evaluation of Oregon Bound QB


Bio: 6'1 195 pound QB Nathan Costa made University of Oregon football fans very happy when he signed with the Ducks.  Costa is a tremendous dual threat quarterback who should give opposing defenses nightmares this upcoming season as he competes for Hilmar High.


Position: Quarterback


Jr. Stats:  137 comp. 255 att. 2249 yards 23 TDs 6 ints - 104 carries 662 yards 6 TDs


Tape Type: Highlight tape and two full game tapes


Breakdown: When watching film of Costa there are many impressive things that stand out.  First, is his strength as a runner and scrambler.  Costa does not go down with an arm tackle or rarely by a single tackler.  His leg strength is tremendous, which allows him to escape when he is flushed from the pocket or to gain extra yards in the run game.  Second, I liked how comfortable Costa looked in the pass game both under center and in shotgun.  Often at the high school level  players have a preference or get sloppy mechanically either under center or in the shotgun.  Costa seemed at ease in both situations thus adding to his diversity.  Third, Costa has an easy throwing motion, which can be deceiving.  The ball seems not to have a lot of zip on it, yet Costa can and does make all the throws.  Along with this, the ball is always catchable for the receiver.  In the two game tapes I watched  not once did Costa put his receiver in a  tough  spot where they had to lay out or expose themselves to a big hit.   


Bottom Line: Costa is a great pick up for the Ducks.  He has the ability to make plays with both his arm and legs.  Further, he is equally at home rolling out and throwing on the run as he is throwing from a traditional drop.  In the pass game, Costa shows the patience to check down and look off the safety.  Often prep QBs lock onto the receiver even before the play snap.  Costa does not have this bad habit.  Another factor in regard to Costa was and is his ability and willingness to make the big play. This will come in handy when playing in the PAC 10 in front of thousands of fans. He has a knack of making the timely big play pass or scramble when his team needs it. The only minor critique I had was from time to time while scrambling or rolling out Costa would throw against his body back into coverage.  This is a habit that needs to be broken.  Speedy PAC 10 defenses will make a QB pay for that mistake.




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