Tale of the Tape: Chris Grogan

Video Breakdown of Torrance (North) OT



Name: Chris Grogan

School: North Torrance HS (Torrance, CA)

Position: OT/DT

Height: 6'3   Weight: 285 (both self reported)

Bench: 305  Squat: 405  Clean: 245  40: 5.2 (all self reported)



Breakdown: (1 full game from junior year)


Chris plays left tackle and defensive tackle for North.  At OL, he has good size, he reports 6'3 285 but on the tape as a junior looks more in the 6'2 270 range. He does look like he has room to gain some more weight to get to that prototypical college size. Chris seems to have a decent mean streak. He uses his weight to his advantage and will lay on people and knock people down. I would like to see him do this on a more consistent basis. At times, he would position himself first, then start to drive. Most college scouts would probably like to see him get that first initial pop and drive the defender off the ball. I would also like to see Chris use his hands more on that initial strike. He tends to use his flippers (forearms) to block, which many high school kids do. But when he does lock on, he rarely losses that battle.


He is definitely a much better OL than DL. As a DL he doesn't get pushed back much because of his size but he also doesn't get much penetration. He is a little slow of the ball and doesn't use his hands well on the DL.


Two areas that I think Chris needs to improve on are his footwork and tenacity. I will start with footwork; he needs to take better angles getting to LBs and waddle to them. He looked a little slower pulling and getting downfield than his 5.2 forty. Also, I would like to see him kick step more in pass protection versus shuffling backwards and using his strength to wall of defenders. Several times on tape he left himself susceptible to the inside move in pass pro. I think with some hard work with the jump rope and speed ladder this could be fixed.


Now to tenacity; I am not saying he doesn't play with passion but I would like to see him flat out maul defenders more. He has the size and strength to dominate at the high school level, which will make him stand out to recruiters. Part of this may be that he plays both ways and gets tired. I also saw him walk to the line, downfield and back to the huddle a few times. This looks bad to recruiters and is something that can be easily fixed with proper mindset.





I see Chris as more of a guard prospect for a running college team. He has decent enough strength and size to make the move. This would play more to his advantage. I don't think he has the height or footwork to stay at left tackle at the next level. Run blocking his definitely his strength. He would be a kid that if I were a recruiter would come back to see film on during his senior year to see how he has progresses. From this junior year film, I don't think he is a major college lineman but I can see a small D1 or 1AA school giving him a look.



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