Player Profile: Josh O'Brien

QB Adapts To Help Team Win

Santa Fe Christian QB Josh O'Brien has not put up stellar statistics this season.  He is a system QB in a Wing T offense.  Much of this year, he has handed the ball to backs who are averaging near or over ten yards a carry.  Since becoming a starter in the second half of the season last year, O'Brien has gone 14 and 2.  This record includes last year's Division IV championship in the San Diego Section.


There are multiple things that stand out while watching O'Brien play.  The first is O'Brien's athleticism on a 6'4 195 pound frame.  Josh runs in the 4.8 range and has good feet.  The Eagles have an option package and show boot off of many plays in the run game.  Thus far he has scored seven times on the ground. In the pass game, play action, sprint and roll out are the norm.  O'Brien also sees time as a defensive back and recently has seen some action at wideout. The second thing that stands out regarding O'Brien is his apparent coachability.  In watching film of O'Brien, he carries out every fake in the Wing T offense.  This, along with his ability to run, forces opposing defenses to devote a backside player to him every play. Any play could be the one he boots for a score.  Last year as a junior, O'Brien was asked to throw more.  This year, with the success of the run game, he is throwing less.  Often with 21st Century athletes this can be a source of contention but O'Brien has limited his role for the good of the team.


This past spring, O'Brien was on the Elite 11 watch list.  With this year's statistics being down from last season and the strong emphasis on the run game O'Brien may not be considered an elite QB but bottom line his team is once again a strong contender for a section title. This winning attitude, 6'4 frame and high GPA in Honors classes makes him the type of player that colleges will want to look at to strengthen their program.  Currently, O'Brien is receiving attention from Ivy League schools.  Yale is apparently showing the most interest and Wheaton College in Illinois is also in contact.  Many former Eagles are on the Wheaton roster.  O'Brien has stated a willingness to change positions if necessary to play college ball. 


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