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Interview With San Marcos QB

Recently PrepCA had a chance to discuss football with San Marcos QB Cameron Ely.  The 6'6 senior is currently preparing for a tough matchup against Moorpark.  For the season Ely has completed nearly 55% of his passes for over 1,700 yards and 13 TDs.  What is your official height, weight, 40 and bench?

Cameron:  My official Height: 6'6", Weight: 215 lbs., 40: 4.75, Bench: 250  Who is currently recruiting you?  Do you have any offers?

Cameron:  I have no written offers.  My dad and my coach have been contacted by a few coaches who have said they want to offer me.  Each of them has told my dad and my coach that they are waiting to see if I go Pac 10, because early on I stated that was my choice.  However, since then several other universities have entered the picture, and now I am open to many colleges I had not even considered before.  I am now looking very strongly at the other conferences.  I suppose it is the same as with people.  You tend to like the people who like you.  I tend to be drawn to the schools who are recruiting me the hardest.  I do not even have a top five any longer.  The list is about twenty schools now that I really could see myself attending and playing for.  They seem to like me, and I like them.  That is not to say that I have forsaken the Pac 10.  There are a few I still like very much.  It is very hard for me to decide how to use the five official trips.  I will wait to see who is still the most interested later in the season.  Actually, I am trying to work that out now.  What is your greatest strength as a football player?  

Cameron:  My greatest strength as a football player, or as an athlete in general, is my willingness to work hard to get better and be the best.  I am told that I have great natural athletic ability, but it is possible that people are seeing the result of hard work.  Since I was very young, I always seemed to be training when others were not.  That carries over to my desire to study film and learn everything I can about the game.  I want to play this game for many more years to come, so I am doing my homework on it now.  What is your greatest weakness as a football player?

Cameron:  My greatest weakness as a football player, being an offensive player, is not being able to divorce myself from the defense.  From the time I began to play this game I played QB on offense and FS on defense.  Last year and this year the coach has kept me entirely on offense.  I know I should be on the sideline focusing on our next offensive series, but I am very much affected by what happens to our defense. We have a very young team, made up primarily of juniors and sophomores, and I naturally want to be on the field to help them.  I am working on my sideline concentration, trying to control my impulses and emotions and keep my focus on offense.  We certainly have enough problems of our own.  What is your favorite part of the game of football?

Cameron:  My favorite part of the "game of football" is definitely the team.  I also play varsity basketball and baseball, both team sports, but nothing compares to the team in football.  I suppose it is because it is such a physical game with the risk of injury always very high.  Each player depends on the other guy to do his job and in effect take care of his back.  When you have gone through a season of "war" with teammates, they are in your life forever.  I know my team from last year, nearly all of them graduated last spring, is still a tight group of guys and probably always will be.  I expect it to be the same with this group of players, most of them younger, but still we are in the fight together, and that will not be forgotten by any of us.  What is your greatest football memory?

Cameron:  There are many great football moments for me, having played this game since the sixth grade, but there is one that is unforgettable for me.  In my junior year just before our first game, I went down with a knee injury.  At one point we were told that I was done for the season.  However, although still hobbling and in a knee brace, I came back to start the third game.  I think the reaction from my teammates when I came back is the thing I will remember forever.   Who is the most influential person in your life?

Cameron:  The most influential person in my life is definitely my dad.  He introduced me to sports, all sports, when I was very young.  He taught them all to me but basically let me choose the ones I liked the best.  Most of all, he taught me sportsmanship and the rules of "fair play."  Although, my parents could have held me back a grade for athletic reasons, they felt it was a form of cheating and opted not to do so, especially in light of my ability to maintain a high academic standard.  My dad has enjoyed great success, but he decided to put that aside to spend his time and his life with his family.  What is the best piece of advice that you have received?

Cameron:  The best piece of advice I have ever gotten came by way of a poem my dad introduced me to.  It is a poem written by Rudyard Kipling entitled, "If."  The entire poem qualifies as excellent advice, but I especially try to live by the lines, which incidentally are inscribed above the player's entrance to Wimbledon, " with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same."  What can you bring to a college program?

Cameron:  I honestly believe that I can be an impact player for practically any college program.  I am young in my grade.  I am now sixteen and will not turn seventeen until the end of October.  Although I am big now by any high school standards, my upward growth has ended and now I will begin to fill out more.  Given even one more year, I will be closer to my physical potential, which if genetics hold will put me in the very big, very fast, very strong category.  I believe my upside is as great or greater than any of the QBs I've encountered at camps and combines, most of whom were at least a year older than I.  For that reason I hope to be able to "red shirt" and gain that year of physical maturity while learning the school's system.  I am looking to be a four year starter if that can happen.  Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Cameron:  Rocky Marciano, now deceased, heavyweight champion of the world, is my favorite professional athlete. Although, he was smaller than most in his weight class, he dominated the sport during his tenure.  I believe he remains the only undefeated heavyweight champion in the history of the sport.  My father knew him and speaks of him as a very decent man who was charitable and kind.  His work ethic set him apart from those he faced in the ring and always gave him the edge in the latter rounds.  It is something I sometimes think about while doing extra stadiums to condition myself for the fourth quarter.  Any idea what you might want to study in college?

Cameron:  At this point, I have a great interest in sports medicine.  I am not sure that I would choose orthopedics, but it is a possibility.  Right now I constantly seek information on nutrition, exercise, injury rehab, and practically all things that affect the athlete.  What I most likely will do when I enter college is give it a year or two before deciding definitely on a major.  Somehow, I can't imagine not having sports as a primary factor in my future.


24-7 would like to thank Cameron and his family for helping with this interview.


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