U.S Army All American Bowl

A Quick Look at the California Players

*Kyle Petersen of South Hills had a dinged up ankle but was able to get his punts off. He was under tremendous pressure most of the day but showed his athleticism by getting the punts off and making a good open field tackle.


* David Ausberry has a huge frame and looks like he could easily put on 20 to 25 pounds in the next four years.  He is currently running in the 4.6 range, when he brings that down his ability to create mismatches will be unlimited. Ausberry ignored his Ohio State roots, and stayed in state joining USC, adding to the tradition of big receivers for the Trojans.  Ausberry had a difficult time getting in rhythem with the West QBs but he was open most of the day and was able to create separation.


*I would have liked to have seen Stafon Johnson get a few more carries.  On the carries he received, he did not play around, he hit the hole with authority and got north and south on his runs.  He did look a little uncomfortable in his capacity as a punt returner.


*The East was much more physical throughout the entire game on both sides of the ball.  They were popping people all over the field on D.  If you look at the overall size of the East LBs it is pretty impressive. Brandon Graham and Micah Johnson both go 250 and Jarrell Miller goes 235. DE Robert Rose was all over the QB and worked over the West LTs.  Wells was a bull in the power run game for three TDs but also showed nice patience and the ability to get outside.


*Allen Bradford had a near pick and you have to love the potential of where he can play.  He is short, but his speed will allow him to make plays in the run game and in coverage, which make him a perfect PAC 10 linebacker. USC is a great fit, in that Coach Carroll is not afraid to play small linebackers as long as they have the prerequisite athleticism which Bradford has plenty of.


* Coach Tedford of Cal was able to keep DT Derrick Hill of McClymonds  close to home. At Cal, Hill may have the chance to get playing time relatively early in his career.





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