Player Spotlight: Matt Wabby

Crespi QB Talks Recruiting

This past season QB Matt Wabby helped to lead the Crespi squad to their second straight Southern Section Division X title.  After a difficult three game stretch, the Celts rebounded and won nine in a row.  For the season, Wabby passed for over 2,500 yards and twenty-three touchdowns.  Recently, PrepCA had the chance to talk with Matt about the season and how recruiting was going.


PrepCA: Early in the season you went through a three game losing streak.  Of course it was against some of the top teams in the state but did you and the team lose your confidence?

Matt Wabby: No, even when we lost those games we were in those games.  We look at each game as one week.  The coaches tell us we have to go 1 and 0 fourteen times, so whatever happened the week before we see it as it did not mean anything.


PrepCA: What do you think the team learned going through that tough three loss run?

Matt Wabby: We learned that just because we had won a title and were on a nine or ten game win streak that teams were just not going to roll over and let us win.  It helped us a lot when it came to playoffs and we got in some tough games.


PrepCA: As a quarterback and a team leader what did you take out of that stretch.

Matt Wabby: No matter what the scenario, winning the game is not out of reach.  We lost to some of the best teams in the state and we were in the games. We lost but it gives you reassurance that it is possible that you are in games.


PrepCA: Mechanically and in all other aspects of your game what do you feel you improved on the most this season as a quarterback?

Matt Wabby: The short stuff, taking what the defense is giving you.  My junior year I tried to force the ball downfield and make the big play.  With the guys I have now I can throw the short three step stuff.  My receivers can break a tackle and get twenty, twenty-five yards.


PrepCA: Did Coach Ross give you the freedom to make quite a few checks at the line?

Matt Wabby: I got to check some stuff.  If we got a one on one match up on the receivers I would adjust the route.


PrepCA: You played a very tough schedule.  Who was the toughest team you played this year?

Matt Wabby: Without a doubt it was St. Bonaventure. 


PrepCA: Of those teams which players really stood out to you?

Matt Wabby: The linebacker from St. Bonaventure, Roberson.  He was all over the field!


PrepCA: How is the recruiting going?

Matt Wabby:  Very well, Pitt, Idaho State, San Luis Obispo, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah.  No offers yet. (Since the interview Matt will be visiting Louisville, Pitt has offered a gray shirt and Idaho State has picked up Michigan QB Matt Gutierrez)


PrepCA: You are 6'3 220, the QB for a two time section champ and you had a great senior campaign, why do you think more colleges are not offering scholarships.

Matt Wabby: My junior year I did not have that many attempts because we had a 2,000 yard rusher so I was only passing the ball ten or twelve times a game.  I only came into my own as a passer this year.  We had a quarterback coach that worked with me and it really got me ready.  This year I really got a better understanding of what I was doing and how to play quarterback.  Now I feel I have a lot more to offer as a quarterback.


PrepCA: What do you feel you bring to a college program?

Matt Wabby: I read defenses really well.  I understand what defenses are trying to disguise and trying to do.


PrepCA: To be successful at the next level what do you most need to improve on?

Matt Wabby:  My foot speed.  I have good quickness but my speed is not as good as it should be. 


PrepCA would like to thank Matt and his family for their time and we wish Matt the best of luck as signing day approaches.





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