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RB Michael Plimmer of Dublin High School

At 5'8 and 166 pounds Michael Plimmer is a small player with big stats. During his career as a three year starter, he has rushed for nearly 2,700 and averaged over twenty receptions a season.  If Plimmer was 6'0 or ran a 4.4 forty (Plimmer self reports a 4.5 forty) the big boys would be knocking at his door.  In his three seasons he has rarely if ever come of the field.  Offensively, he lines up in numerous positions to create the best chance for his team's offense.  On defense, Plimmer plays both strong safety and cornerback depending on what the situation warrants.  Throw in his being a threat returning kicks and punts and his versatility is unquestioned.  It was this versatility that allowed him to make 1st Team All East Bay as a utility player this past season.


Watching Michael on tape numerous attributes stand out.  First, he is quick with the ability to break big plays. Although quick, he does lack elite speed. Second, for someone of his size, Michael is a powerful runner.  I was especially impressed with the strength of his lower body.  Third, as a runner, Michael has many of the intangibles that are associated with instinctive runners.  He is very good at being patient and allowing the play to develop.  In so doing, this allows his blockers to get to the block.  Once this is established he has the vision to get to the edge or cut back against the grain.  Along with these intangibles he has the innate ability to rarely get hit square.  Most of the blows he takes are glancing. 


At the college level, Michael would make a nice pick up for the right DII or DIII school.  He would be especially effective for a school that runs the fly sweep.  He would also do well as a player that lined up in the slot.  He catches the ball well in traffic can make the first guy miss.  Screens, hitches and swings are plays that would fit his abilities in college.


The last impressive point regarding Michael is his toughness.  He plays the game with confidence and is able to both take and deliver a blow. I like the swagger he brings to the field.   Michael expresses a strong interest in playing in college   and the right team at the right level could pick up an exciting player.

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