Tale of the Tape: Malachi Lewis

Video evaluation of one of the top football prospects in California for the 2007 recruiting period.

Malachi Lewis: Rio Mesa High School California


Bio: 6'3 220 lbs.

2005 Stats:   308 carries 2187 yards 24 touchdowns

                   12 receptions 111 yards

                   All CIF – Athlete


Breakdown: (Highlight tape and two game tapes)

Positives: Malachi's reported size is legit.  So many times high school coaches will add a little height or weight in order to make a player look bigger.  No need for that with Malachi.  For his size Malachi runs very well.  He is extremely athletic and has tremendous feet.  As a tailback he shows a good burst through the hole.  Once he makes his mind up he goes.  That's one of the hardest things for young tailbacks to understand, Malachi gets that.  He seems to have very good vision.  He will find the cutback lane and also makes quick subtle lateral moves in order to get into a hole.  Lewis shows good leg drive.  Several times he was hit by several players but he managed to stay up and keep driving the pile, gaining yardage.  Most importantly he is a tremendous athlete for a man of his size. 


Negatives:  Like most high school athletes he really needs to concentrate on his blocking.  He's not afraid to stick his head in and mix it up, but he needs to work on using his hands when he blocks instead of his shoulders.  Malachi tends to run a little upright, it's not a huge problem but on tape it's obvious because he is so tall.  Every once in a while Lewis will hold the ball away from his body, especially on plays when he gets into the 2nd and 3rd level of the defense.


Bottom Line:  Malachi Lewis is the real deal.  He has all the physical tools that make college coaches drool.  With his size and athleticism, I wouldn't be shocked if several major programs come calling.  What is his best position at the college level?  I feel this is going to depend on the school that's recruiting him.  He's athletic enough that several schools will just recruit him as an athlete and figure out his position once he gets on campus.  Offensively, he is big enough and has good enough feet that I could see him getting a shot at several different positions, like tailback, tight end, H-back or even wide receiver.  On the defensive side of the ball he could get a look as an outside linebacker or even as a strong safety.  Overall I would rank him as a 4 or 5 star prospect at this time.

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