Player Spotlight: Carter Todd

Interview With One of the Top Receivers in California

This past season Carter Todd of Merced established himself as one of the top receivers in northern California.  His athleticism and 6'3 frame allowed him to haul in seventy-one catches for 1,068 yards for the Bears.  With his brother Logan at QB and quick RB Garret Turner returning, Merced should make some noise and could improve on last year's 8-2 record.  Currently, Carter is receiving attention from Cal, Stanford, Northwestern, Miami and Ohio State.


PrepCA: What is the best part of playing high school football?

Carter Todd: Representing our school in the community and in the others communities that we play.

PrepCA:  What is your official height and weight?

Carter Todd: 6'3 184

PrepCA: What is your best football memory?

Carter Todd: Comeback win against defending league champs this past season. Dramatic win in the last quarter. I had 221 receiving yards on 11 catches. My Best game yet.


PrepCA: What part of your game have you worked to improve?

Carter Todd: I have improved my blocking skills and want to improve my yards after catch average.

PrepCA: Who are some of the players we need to look out for on your team?

Carter Todd: Logan Todd because he is a great passer and Garrett Turner because he will make any play into a big play.

PrepCA:  Which teammate do you really respect?

Carter Todd: Michael Chambers, because he is our best lineman and he wouldn't have it any other way.

PrepCA:  What are your goals regarding football in college?

Carter Todd: Starting three seasons and being nationally respected as a receiver.

PrepCA:  What other sports are you involved in?

Carter Todd: Basketball and Baseball.

 PrepCA: How do you think your coach would describe you?

Carter Todd: Probably a smart player who always works hard and is the go to guy when we need a play.

PrepCA:  Who is your favorite pro player?

Carter Todd:  Hines Ward, because he is a good receiver who has all the skills.

PrepCA: What is the best advice you have received?

Carter Todd: My coach Rob Scheidt says, "No matter how good you think you are or what you have achieved, there is someone out there who is better or working harder."


PrepCA would like to thank Carter and his coach Rob Scheidt for their help with this interview

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