Tale of the Tape: Chasen Stangel

Video evaluation of the San Jacinto quarterback

Chasen Stangel: San Jacinto High School California


Bio: 6'2 190 lbs.

2005 Stats:   159-256 2407 yards 19 touchdowns




Positives: Chasen Stangel really has good footwork.  He gets to his drop very quick and will set his feet to throw the ball.  Chasen moves well within the pocket, which allows him to find throwing lanes and buy some time from the pass rush.  Stangel is pretty accurate with his throws.  He hits his receivers in a position that they can catch the ball and continue running.  He also throws a pretty decent deep ball.  Chasen has the privilege of having a coach for a father, you can see that on tape.  He seems to really take control of the situation and will improvise yet still be smart with the football.  He really seems to understand the game and why he should throw the ball to certain players. 


Negatives:  Good not great arm.  Like a ton of high school quarterbacks sometimes he will lock onto a receiver.  Good but not a great scrambler.  Size might be an issue for some schools.  He isn't a giant 6'5 inch quarterback that schools are looking for. 


Bottom Line:  Chasen Stangel is a very good quarterback.  In my opinion he is really underrated as far as being a prospect goes.  He has enough size and arm strength to at least warrant looks from mid major type schools.  I could see major division 1 schools come on late in the recruiting process for his services.  Like I said before he doesn't have a gun for an arm but his arm is plenty strong.  What he lacks in pure arm strength he really makes up with accuracy.  So many times accuracy is overlooked by people, if you can get the ball from point A to point B and hit someone in stride that's what it's all about.  Stangel can do this.  He seems to really understand football and from talking with him, he seems to want to be great.  I think he would be one of those gym rat type kids working extremely hard to be the best he can. 


As of this moment, Chasen is currently hearing from Duke, Rutgers, Boise State and Utah.  He does not have a leader.                   


PrepCa.com would like to thank Chasen for his time and also wish him the best of luck in the future and during his senior season.                       

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