Back on Track

All of our year-end honors will be complete by the end of the week; next up will be State Schools of the Year. It's not too late to make a nomination for the all-state teams in baseball and softball.

We've been busy in recent days gathering information from around the state as well as putting the finishing touches on the July issue of Student Sports Magazine.

We've also been making all final changes to a 128-page high school football annual and recruiting guide that will be available on August 6 on newstands throughout the country. Once you see the annual -- the first of its kind -- you'll see why this site wasn't changed for several days. It's extremely comprehensive and a lot of effort went into making it a showcase piece for all of us at Student Sports Inc.

With that said, Tuesday we were finally able to pull the lever on all of our state coach of the year selections for baseball and softball. We're then switching to state schools of the year, state athletes of the year and all-state teams for baseball and softball.

We will still accept nominations for the all-state teams right up until the moment the names of players start to get filled in. For baseball, that will be Thursday morning, June 20. For softball, that will Friday morning, June 21.

You can e-mail any nominations to Mark Tennis, executive editor of Cal-Hi Sports and Student Sports Inc. Mark's e-mail is:

You can also FAX a nomination to: (209) 463-1219.

Remember, it doesn't do anyone any good complaining about a player not being picked after the fact. The players already on our board had their names posted two weeks ago. About 150 e-mails have been received for other players and we've collected a number of honors teams from other sources. Even with all that, a player or two from schools not near a major media center can and often do slip through the cracks. If that description fits your school, make sure we know about any player.

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