Carter Keeps it Cool

Carter keeps it cool in opener over Rubidoux 24-14

"It was so hot this week, we could only practice one day," said Carter Coach Biran Kidd after his Rialto Carter Lions defeated the Riverside Rubidoux Falcons 24 to 14.  Maybe less is more. By game time on Friday night the weather had cooled into the very low 70's, but the Lions turned up the heat on the Falcons.  Carter took a 21 point half time lead and outlasted Rubidoux, turnovers and penalities to open the the 2006 season with win. 

It appears that that Carter has come through adversity and controversy (Kidd took over midseason last year when Coahc Mike Churchill suddenly resigned) and is now ready establish its identity and make its mark on Inland Empire football.

The tone was set by running back Cody Mattews 62 yard run touchdown on the Lions first possession.  Matthews appeared to be stopped for an eight yard loss while running to his left but simply planted, cut right and "took it to the house."

Quarterback Derek Samineto displayed poise and made good decisions.  He was 11 for 22 with 2 interceptions for 122 yards. He threw two beautiful 'fade' routes to Hector Cuevas and almost had a third but didin't 'put enough air under the ball' which resluted in a an interception deep in Falcon territiory.

The offensive load was carried by fullback Dominic Morris (5'11" 210) who ran the ball mostly between the tackles. "I like to run insde," Morris said with a satisfied grin.  "But it was really the offensive line who opened the holes.  I have a lot of respect for those guys." Morris carried the ball 14 times for 69 yards

One lineman who is deserving of respect and some attention from college scouts is number 69,  Jonathon Butler. Butler is 6'4", 304 with long arms and good pass blocking technique. He did a very nice job of protecting Samiento's backside. 

On defense, Carter also has some tools. Besides Morris, who plays outside linebacker, there is a 'for real' prospect in DE Karl Mckinley.  McKinlely is 6'3", 235 and plays the 'rush' end position out the 43 alignment. McKinley had two sacks on the night with one of them being a huge hit on the Falcon quarterback in the fourth quarter.

Special teams is where Carter has a chance to excell.  Punter Alex Villapando boomed a 70 yarder and got Carter out of trouble several times.  Kicker Anthony Huerta put the ball in the end zone three times (two with the wind and one against it).  If the Carter defense can defend the 'long field' then no Citrus Belt League opponent is going to have and easy time on any given night.


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