Big Bear Emerges With 21-20 Win Over San Jac.

The fans have certainly enjoyed the Big Bear- San Jacinto series. The last three games have all turned on extra points and last second field goals.

There are a thousand reasons why high school football is better than professional football. There are at least five hundred reasons why high school football is better than college football.  Just go to a small town high school game and they jump out at you.  No one was recruited to play at Big Bear or San Jacinto High schools yet the quality of football played was still first rate. There was no trash talking between the teams and several times opponents helped each other up after some tenacious hits. The tone set by the two head coaches, Dave Griffiths (Big Bear) and Bill Powell ( San Jacinto) shows why this is such a great event.


After the game Griffths was satisfied, relieved and yet not overjoyed.  "Bill is my best friend in coaching.  I am happy for our kids but this is a game I never enjoy.  We have the utmost respect for Bill and his staff."


The fans have certainly enjoyed the Big Bear- San Jacinto series.  The last three games have all turned on extra points and last second field goals.


San Jacinto came back from the brink three times in this game.  Quarterback Chasen Stangel responded to the Bear's first quarter, 13 play drive, by completing five passes in a 67 yard drive. The Tigers missed the extra point at 7 to 6 and this put the pressure on San Jacinto for the rest of the game.


The Bears made it 14 to 6 on a 37 yard reverse by Jake Meyer and Max Dobis' 11 yard run. ( Reason number three, why small town football is better, Max is the son of former Big Bear star Ron Dobis who teaches in the Bear Valley District.)


Big Bear pulled out to 21-6 early in the third quarter on Scott Proctor's nine yard run.  The games main theme was Big Bear's long well executed drives versus San Jac's laser quick passes.  San Jac closed to seven points when Stangel was forced to roll out of the pocket and just got the ball off before a big hit by Big Bear's Jesse Ceron. For the only time of the game a San Jac receiver, Kenny Shaw, got behind a Bear defensive back and took the ball to the  one yard line.  Powell let the offense go for two and they made it to take the score to 21 to 14. 


Protor made his one mistake of the game and threw an interception on the first play of the Big Bear possession. Stangel came right back with a 15 yard touchdown to Shaw. Once again Powell went for two. "I had decided that if we scored , we were going for the win," Powell said. " It didn't work out but I would do it again."  Stangel's ball was right on target but so were two Big Bear defenders as they wrestled the San Jac receiver for the ball.  The whole Big Bear ide let out a long sigh of relief as no one got control and the ball hit the turf.


Both of these teams are so well coached that the observer is left with just a touch of awe.  San Jac runs a West Coast Offense that seems relentless.  You can't get to Stangel because he gets rid of the ball so quickly. Big Bear's Triple Option forces the defense to be perfect.  To say that Proctor is a magician would be way too much of cliché.  The Big Bear quarterback reminds you of the keyboard operator in Steven Spilberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Proctor pushes buttons and bright lights come on way too fast for the defense to keep up.


This was a clash between the division's number one ranked team (San Jac) and its number two ranked teams (Big Bear).  One could only hope that there is balance in the universe.  The football gods need to make sure that these two meet in the playoffs. One might have to give a small, (very small) edge to San Jacinto.  When asked who was going to learn the most from this game, Griffiths was quick to say "They will." 



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