Game Preview: Anaheim @ Garden Grove Santiago

Anaheim's George Perdickez travels to Garden Grove Santiago this Friday night in the battle of the undefeated...

It will be a contest filled with multi-purpose players when Anaheim buses to Garden Grove Santiago on Friday night.

The Colonists and Cavaliers have both proven that they can score in many ways and both teams have built 4-0 records to prove it.

Anaheim is led by all-Orange Leaguer's George Perdickez and running mate Victor Torres, who both have put up big numbers rushing and receiving under the direction of tall junior quarterback Vince Gomez.

Perdickez ran for 165 yards on eight carries and three TD's in a 41-3 win over Sunny Hills, then picked up a 65-yard score on a interception and rushed for another touchdown against Katella, followed with 154-yards rushing last week against Loara.

Then there is Torres who chews up yardage in bunches by ground, by air, and by return. Torres has caught four TD passes, ran for another four, and returned a kickoff for another. Against Riverside Norte Vista Torres ran for 205 yards on 21 carries, with 2 TD's.

Santiago's Gary Lopez showcased his versatility in the Cavaliers opener when he rushed for 113 yards and caught four passes for another 129, good for three TD's. Against Anaheim Magnolia, Lopez caught five passes for 174 yards.

Not to be outdone by anyone on the field is
Santiago's strong safety/RB/receiver/quarterback Marc Merchant, who has scored in every game by either pass, catch, or throw.

Another player that could create an impact is former Cavalier starting running back Anthony Jordan, who seems to be getting warmed up after gaining 126 yards and a touchdown against
Costa Mesa.

Santiago has those three big playmakers (Jordan, Lopez, Merchant) and they throw a lot of formations at you,'' said Colonist coach Lanny Booher.


"Defensively, they will also throw a lot of looks at us that we haven't seen."

Santiago offensive formations will be directed by steady returning starting quarterback Ruben Solares, who Cavalier coach Aaron Sharestani calls his orchestrator. "He is good at running our offense," said Sharestani.

Solares has gone about business quitely, but has averaged two scoring passes per game, including three in a 33-7 triumph over Ocean View. Solares helped lead the way against Magnolia by completing 8 of 12 passes for 231 yards with three more TD passes. Solares has gone to wideout Donald Pickard, Jr., as his occasional deep threat option.

Gomez has also proven supurb field generalship at
Anaheim, adhering to Booher's plan of a 50/50 run to pass ratio. Gomez has passed for 600 yards and seven TD's and ran in a 37-yarder against Norte Vista. Gomez will look for TE Andre Rocha as a safety valve.

Santiago has given up just 27 points in its four wins. Merchant in the secondary and Tony Bui at middle linebacker have helped lead the way.

Anaheim's defense has been more liberal in giving up points, however its offense is better at limiting turnovers. The Colonists have both Perdickez and Torres in the secondary, and another all-leaguer Chris Comacho at outside linebacker. Defensive end Anthony Walton, who is 6-4, 240, has caused opponents to alter there plans when it comes to running his way.

"Anthony played his sophomore year, but missed last season. This season he has been a real terror," said Booher. "They are more physical than we are," said Sharestani. "They have two good running backs (Perdickez and Torres) and their skill guys do a good job of flying around."

Sharestani said that his offensive line is completely new, with not one returning starter on the roster.

That would seem to give
Anaheim an advantage, however that edge is countered by the emotion running through the Cavalier campus.

"Our school is fired up and it's homecoming," said Sharestani. "This is a big game and there's a playoff type atmosphere. This is our best start since 1978 and this is something fun to coach. We're excited regardless of the outcome."

Pacing along the sidelines during the homecoming festivities will be Anaheim's strong-legged kicker Ramon Mejia, who could reach a 48-yard field goal.



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