Game Preview: Torrey Pines at Oceanside

Torrey Pines WR Michael Disraeli (pictured) travel to Oceanside this Friday night at 7:30pm...

Torrey Pines Falcons 4-0 (San Diego, CA), Palomar League @ Oceanside Pirates 3-1 (Oceanside, CA) Avocado League

Kickoff: October 6, 2006 7:30 PM

Head Coaches:

Torrey Pines: Ed Burke

Oceanside: John Carroll


Torrey Pines is currently 4-0 having played Harry S Truman W 41-16, Castle Park W 38-6, Mira Mesa W 34-21 and San Pasqual W 42-15.  So far they have 48 throws for 296 yards (6.2 yards per throw) & 178 Runs for 1217 (6.8 avg.).  So, offensively, they are a run team that throws for balance and first downs.  Defensively they are giving up 14.5 points per game, forcing the offense to score better than 2 TD's to win, which is not a problem because they are scoring 39 points per game.


By comparison, last year Torrey was 11-2 and lost in the finals of the State Playoffs, after having beat La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA) W 16-12, Vista (CA) W 24-8, to Carlsbad (CA) 6-17.  They averaged 27 points on offense and gave up 12 defensively.  So they were very similar last year.


Oceanside is currently 3-1 after having played Helix (La Mesa, CA) W 27-0, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA) W 37-20, Escondido (CA) W 42-24 and lost to a very good 4-1 San Clemente (CA) L 9-27.  They have 38 completions in 84 attempts (45%) for 555 yards (6.6 yards per throw) 3 Ints 7TD's & 108 runs for 648 yards (6.0 avg.) 8 TD's.  So they are pretty evenly balanced, to this point, run to pass ratio, but with a little better production running.   Defensively they are giving up, a slightly high, 18 points per game, but making up for it by scoring 29 points per game on Offense.


Last year they were 10-3.  Oceanside ran the ball 389 times and threw it 349 times.  So their personality this year is similar to last year.  In 2005 they averaged 30 points per game offensively and gave up 15 defensively.


These two teams did not play each other last year so these excellent coaching staffs do not get a peek at how each will play the other.


Playmakers to Watch:

Torrey Pines

  • 5'10" 205 Senior QB Blake Vanderwiel has 22 completions in 48 attempts (46%) for 296 yards 2 TD's 1 TD
  • 5'11" 206 Senior RB and a big time talent Pete Johnson is the #1 Rusher and has 66 carries for 469 yards (7.1 avg.). 
  • 5'8" 171 Junior QB/RB Casey Allred is the #2 Rusher and has 15 carries for 252 yards (16.8 avg.).  He will be back next year.
  • 5'11" 175 Senior RB Riley Myrick is the #3 Rusher and has 19 carries for 182 yards (9.58 avg.) & the #3 Receiver with 6 catches for 58 yards ( 9.67 avg.)
  • 5'9" 195 Senior RB Kyle Moffatt is the #4 Rusher in yards but #2 in carries with 33 carries for 152 yards (4.6 avg.)


When you have 4 RB's that are over 100 yards after 4 games you have a big time rush attack and you like it.

  • 6'0" 175 WR Michael Disraeli is the #1 Receiver with 8 catches for 118 yards (14.75 avg.)
  • 6'1" 183 Senior WR Colton Smith is the #2 Receiver with 3 catches for 72 yards (24 avg.).  So this guy is dangerous


When you run the ball like they do and have a two receivers that average 14 yards per catch or better, you have a team that will give the other side something to think about every night up to the game.


Defensively Playmakers

Surely they have excellent Defensive playmakers, however we did not have stats to showcase them.


The Offensive Line is obviously very good and has good size led by:

  • 5'10" 292 Junior Martin Valdez
  • 6'5" 275 Senior Austin Bice
  • 5'10" 271 Junior Colin Abney





  • 6'4" 195 Senior, 2 year playmaker, QB Steven Carroll has 36 completions in 80 attempts (45 %) for 535 yards 3 Int's 7 TD's.  Last year Steven had 101 completions in 194 attempts (52%) for 1710 12 Int's 11 TD's
  • 5'10" 200 multi talented Armani Taylor is the #1 Rusher with 60 carries for 376 yards (6.3 avg.) 2 TD's.  Armani is also the #3 Receiver with 5 catches for 126 yards (25.2 avg.) 3 TD's
  • 5'10" 210 Senior RB Jordan Vaeena is the #2 Rusher with 20 carries for 82 yards (4.1 avg.) 3 TD's.
  • 6'0" 175 Senior Jeff Small is the #3 Rusher with 3 carries for 83 yards (27.7 avg.).  This guy is also dangerous when he gets the ball wherever it is.    Jeff also is the #1 Receiver with 10 catches for 141 yards (14.1 avg.).  Last year Jeff was th #2 Receiver with 63 catches for 367 yards (5.8 avg.) 4 TD's.  The opposing defensive coach must know where this guy is on the field.
  • 6'3" 205 Junior WR Lamont Enyard is the #2 Receiver with 8 catches for 129 yards (16.1 avg.) 2 TD.  Big Target!
  • 6'3" 190 Senior WR Maurice Patterson is the #4 Receiver with 8 catches for 80 yards (10.0 avg.).


Defensively Playmakers

Defensive Stats were unavailable


The Offensive Line is big and is led by:

  • 5'11" 345 Senior Nikko Tuiseo
  • 6'3" 315 Senior Alex Tarnowski
  • 6'1" 270 Senior Curtis Baker
  • 6'3" 265 Junior Sam Brenner

My Final Thoughts: 

Torrey Pines will attempt to run the ball, eat the clock and score.  They will rise up and throw the ball to keep 8 out of the box.  They play their offensive game very well and their defensive is stingy.  So Oceanside does not want to get behind.  By the way Torrey has a couple of nice receivers itself.


Oceanside's 6'4 Carroll with these WR's have pretty big targets.  Are you starting to get the feel that Oceanside can surprise Torrey by adjusting their personality for this game and throw the ball?  Combine these receivers with this line and I think you should go see this game.

We don't know what going to happen hear but this game should be a Friday Night Lights TV Game if it is not already.  Fox get down there.




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